Eat to the Beat lineup..WOW


Told my wife to sell the house and move to Orlando.
I’d drive over to see all of these.

This is a great lineup:

Epcot’s Eat to the Beat concert series set | from

As much as we crab about DisneyCo, lets face it, we’d go to Food & Wine without the bands, but to have these bands just is MORE icing on the cake.



I would love to see Howard Jones and 38 Special. That is an awesome line up. Dang,now I have to plan an October trip.


We saw Herman’s Hermit’s (Peter Noone) last week and he was fantastic.
He did all his/their old songs. Very entertaining. Place was packed!! Loads of fun.


Well, it looks a little better than it’s been, but enough with Mickey Thomas’ execrable “Starship” already! Unless there’s a Jefferson attached, it’s a pale imitation of the real thing, I don’t care if he sang “Jane”.


I love the line up!
It was definitely made by some one from my generation.


That’s a great list of people/groups, I would love to see several of them.


DW is gonna go nuts when she finds out Rick Springfield will be there when we’re there…a turkey leg for me from the American Adventure, and ear plugs during the show will be the plan, I guess.


Hanson :smile:


I repeat!
He sucks like one of those parking lot vacuums and blows worse than Katrina and Wilma combined.

Seriously, how about contacting Paul Kantner and Grace Slick. For that matter, how about Hot Tuna?


Hanson?? As in, the Hanson I obsessed over throughout my middle school years? … Well, I know where I’ll be on November 8 & 9th… :laugh:

Seriously though… that’s kind of a strange choice, no? And Taylor Hicks too?

Boyz II Men, Kool & the Gang, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy… I’ve never been to an Eat to the Beat concert, but I think this year is a good time to start! Thanks for posting this!


Me too…especially taylor dane…love her!


Argh, Night Ranger & 38 Special would be the ones on our usual trip. Seen both and would love to see them again. With me already taking the girls this summer and DH still overseas this fall I won’t be able to make it back.
Impressive line-up. Not just the type of groups but how many is what got me. Wow!


I would love to see Rick Springfield, I was so in love with him back in the day.


Weren’t we all?:wub:


What girl didn’t have his poster on her wall??? I can still picture mine taped to the closet door!!! LOL


Sorry for this brief interruption:

You know why they don’t?
There’s an actual state law in NJ that outlaws self serve gas stations, so by law, the station attendant MUST pump your gas for you.
(And then they hit you for an extra 6 cents if you use your debit card instead of paying cash!)


Oh yeah, who have I worked with?

Kool and the Gang
Sugar Ray
Air Supply
Howard Jones (both by himself and with Ringo)
Rodger Hodgeson (with Ringo)
38 Special
Jon Secada (and yes, he’s become another F&W perennial too)
Rick Springfield
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Depending on when we take our anniversary vacation and how long, we could see
38 Special, Night Ranger, and Billy Ocean.
If I really wanted to push it, I could drive up for Howard Jones or Rodger Hodgeson
(I know, I’m about the only one here who really was a fan of Supertramp since they first broke inthe states in 75.)


I LOVE SUPERTRAMP!! I would love to see Howard Jones and 38 Special. Well heck, there is a few of them I want to see. I saw night ranger at my grad night back in 84’ and they were really good.


Rick Springfield puts on an awesome show! I have seen him several times for the last few years - most recently on Jan. 1. Planning to see him in July at a Rib Cook-Off where my parents live. Now, may have to work in another trip to Disney!!


Two of my favorite acts to work with that would work are Jay and the Americans and Gary Puckett.