Eating at the bar


Vacationing to DW in September. I’ll be going down on a Sunday but my son won’t be coming down till Monday Eve so I’ll have a few dinners alone. I don’t like to sit at a table alone so I was wondering what bars I could eat at that have the regular restaurant menu (as I’ll be on the Dining Plan). I’d prefer one either in one of the parks,on the monorail line or boardwalk area. Any suggestions?


I’ve never eaten at a bar so I can’t help you there.

Will your son be on the dining plan too. Perhaps you can just save your TS credits until he comes down and have an extra TS with him. Have a TS breakfast and dinner one day.

If it was just me and I HAD to eat alone at a TS, I think I’d bring along a book in some form.


I was there by myself the first day too two weeks ago…and I was surprised at the. Umber of people dining alone. I ate at Via Naopli at a table by myself and didn’t feel awkward at all…there were several other single tables there as well. Like Jo Jo said…take a nice book and enjoy your dinner. I would much rather sit at a table than at the bar for a meal. Have fun.