Eating Healthy at WDW


Every time I go to WDW (or anywhere on vacation for that matter) I always end up gaining a few pounds. I always knock it off when I get back, but this time I want to avoid the whole occurence entirely. To make matters worse, this time I have the dining plan so I’ll probably be inclined to eat appetizers and desserts that I normally wouldn’t. While I love the dining plan for financial reasons, it may not be the best bet for the waistline.

So if anyone wold like to share any dining tips for eating well at WDW without putting on a few unwanted pounds, I’d love to hear it.


Honestly, I’d have to go with “don’t worry about it”.

I just tried not to feel obligated to eat all of anything. Even a snack- if you want an ice cream bar, have one… but you don’t have to eat the whole thing.

I suppose you could get everything grilled, nothing with a sauce, everything on the side because even salads aren’t safe… but part of the experience for me was indulging in things that I don’t get to eat normally. So… I just tried not to eat too much of it.

The fact that we walked everywhere at top speed didn’t hurt, either!

ETA: For what it’s worth, I thought I gained 2 pounds on vacation in this way. But it was gone by the next week without me actively trying to get rid of it, so… make of that what you will. And I do NOT lose weight easily! :laugh:


What is wrong with you!


In all seriousness, I’d suggest drinking a healthy amount of water and if you can, try to take a decent walk at least once a day. You’ll still gain weight, but it’ll likely be more water weight that’ll be easy to shed once you’re back to your normal routine.


Huh? There is nothing wrong with me it’s just that I tend to indulge a little more than I would while at home. Nothing wrong, just looking for advice from others who’ve undergone the same experience.


…um, I’ve never heard of such a thing!!! J/K!! I would say definately drink a lot of water (that’s a no-brainer during the very hot months) - you may not be as hot and thirsty in January so don’t forget to do that. Also, they do seem to be providing a lot more healthy choices at the resturants in WDW, lately. They have delicious satueed vegetables at every buffet (I know they probably have butter on them, though :glare: ). The salad selection at The Crystal Palace is wonderful - I don’t know if that’s on your itinerary. They also have salmon there that I love!! Try to eat a lot of protein as I am sure you know this burns off quicker than say a loaf of Italian bread!! I guess when you get there and see the selections you may let your hunger take over but you can always try to be good. I have to admit I was pretty bad in October - we had the free meal plan and just indulged in everything! So, so sad :sad: I’m sure you have much better will power than me - I give in to food too easily!!! :tongue: You are going to have soooo much fun!!!


Drink plenty of water, avoid too many all-you-care-to-eat situations and I also find that going in August completely takes away my appetite. I always stay the same weight or even lose a little when we go in the summer because I never feel too hungry in the heat. You don’t want to worry about it too much, though, especially on the Dining Plan. You have all year to watch what you eat - enjoy yourself when you’re at Disney. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the Plan when you get back. We have never tried it and it’s always nice to get feedback!! Have a great time.


Good question. We used the dining plan in August and it was REALLY hard to resist all the desserts and extras that came with the plan. :angel: I DEFINATELY drank as much water as my body could possibly hold, which helped a lot. I also used the “desserts” to get a healthier option when available and saved those for breakfast so I wasn’t eating them at every meal.

Umm, what else. We also made our PS’s carefully and chose restaurants that wouldn’t be too dangerous. Teppanyaki is good b/c it’s not always HUGE portions and there are vegi’s available, etc…

Ya know what though, sometimes that just happens on vacation no matter how hard you try. Trust me, even if you gained a few pounds on vacation it’s better than gaining a couple pounds NOT on vacation. Plus ingamba, you are handsome no matter what. :happy:


All I have to say to this thread is Avoid the Boardwalk Bakery at all costs Everytime I go there I always have to buy something…it all looks and smells soooo good!!!


Thanks for the advice all, and Wish, thank you for the compliment. That was mighty kind and mighty brave of you, considering Cavey will probably see it sometime this evening.

Keep those avatar’s a-changing, we love to see you in all your glory, DC’s BQ :wink:


My only advise - SHARE! The servings at most restaurants are just huge. There’s plenty to split with a significant other/friend/kid/etc.
IMO, serving size is the whole key to keeping weight. Not necessarily what the food is, but how much you take in.


Kip, I couldn’t agree more, and I’ve been saying it for years. How many calories you take in is the key, not where the calories come from. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to reduce portion sizes, IMO.


I feel the same way. I worked hard last year to lost 25 pounds and I love the “new me” - I also lost my taste for a lot of greasy, heavy food. As well as drinking water, remember that you’ll be doing a ton of walking - even at your resort, use the stairs instead of the elevators. As for food I “discovered” Harbout House this year and the tuna sandwiches there are outstanding - on wholewheat bread. You can also get good open-face sandwiches at the Norway Pavillion in Epcot and Japan offers lots of choices - sushi, rice and vegetables. If you’re like me, you’re more concerned with eating healthy - than to lose tons of weight, so treat yourself now and then, so you won’t feel deprived. I also had a wonderful cheese, fruit and bread plate from the patisserie in France - it was really good!


First get out of the stroller and walk :tongue: JK :wink: I rode my son (when he was 4) on my shoulders almost all the time while at WDW one trip and lost 5lb. Not because I thought about it but because he really liked the view. :wink:


We weigh ourselves before we left on the 30th and when we got back on the 6th and found that both of us loss 5 lbs for my wife and 7 for me. We ate a good breakfast in the morning and had a light lunch and a sit down at diner time and walked about 8 miles each day we were there. This time we didn’t snack except for the two times we had dessert at France. So you can eat and drink and not gain weight.


Yeah! What TIgger said! IT’s vacation!! Walk it off! :c)


oh do I know how you feel. Every time I go to Disney I try my darndest but still end up coming home with a few extra pounds than I left with. :glare: And it’s hard!
Tip 1: Stay away from the Main Street Bakery. In fact, stay away from any bakery, the stuff is all so good! :wub:

As a lot of other people have said, drink lots of water. LOTS of water. And walk whenever you can. Walking around parks and stores all day really helped me, and I got some fabulous shopping in. :biggrin:

Also, do as your mother always told you and SHARE SHARE SHARE. When I went in August I shared pretty much every meal with my sister and it cut back a lot. Portions are so big there’s plenty for two people, and try to go for lighter stuff, don’t go straight for the steak or big heavy things. The lighter things are just as good and you won’t pay for it later.


I mostly skip desserts, but seriously eat anything I want to. I walk so much at WDW, that I rarely gain anything but a pound or two at most. This past trip, I got up super early and took a brisk walk around my resort. It’s so peaceful to do this in the early morning. Eat whatever you want, but go easy on the breads and desserts and you will be just fine. You can have one or two, but don’t have one every meal…that’s just asking for it.


Dana…I’m with you…I tend to be walking so much that I actually stay the same or…lose some! I also don’t finish anything on my plate…no matter which course I’m eating. Just seems to work out okay in the end. Ha ha…“the end”. Anyway…I think it’s just cause of all the extra walking, swimming and stuff like that :tongue:


Hahahahaha… oh, man, I was thinking the same thing! But seriously, you can do this, ingamba – (you can even though I can’t!) – and you can do it cheaply! How do you feel about turkey legs? They are very low-cal, carb-free and fabulous. And at $5 per leg (which easily feeds two people), it is a bargain. And even at counterservice restaurants, you can order the burger, load it up with all the veggies that will fit, and then toss out the bun! You will feel full longer if you avoid carbs.

(goodness gracious, I don’t sound like a chubby person, do I? But I really AM!!!)

Good luck!