Eating on a budget question


Hi everyone! I’m so excited…we are going to Pop in August and will be part of the free dining. On our last day, we will already have used up our counter and table services. Any ideas for great places to eat on a budget for that day? Thanks!


Where do you plan on being that day?


A couple of my favorite, less expensive places are:

  • Wolfgang Puck at Downtown Disney (two locations)
  • Flametree BBQ at Animal Kingdom


We always like Columbia Harbor House.


That’s the real question. Well that and how many meals do you plan to eat before you leave?
If you’re on a budget, you’re obviously going to be doing the fast food alternatives, i.e, CS locations. The pricing is pretty similar across the board.
So, same as always, study the menus at All Ears.


I’ve actually been pretty successful at planning our dining so we use nothing more than our DDP credits and still felt like we ate ALL the time. For instance, on our first day, we don’t use a TS at all. We typically use a CS and a snack since we aren’t there a full day anyway. We like to go to a CS place with food that’s more like a TS (most World Showcase CS!) so we make sure to be nice and satisfied. Then on our last day, we use a TS for a big breakfast but not a CS and we normally have at least 1 snack credit left for that day as well. That way we have a TS for every full day of vacation. This works out really well for us! Feel free to contact me if you need more help or ideas for making this idea work for your family!


I never have this problem because I always leave early. Depends on where you are but what about the food court?


Earl Of Sandwich is good and pretty reasonable. Then there’s McDonalds. :huh:


Are we talking lunch, dinner, or both?


As others have said, it really depends on where you are that day. If you are in the MK towards dinner time and would like to get out of the park, I would suggest taking the boat over to Fort Wilderness and eating at the Trails End Buffet. Real good comfort food and reasonably priced.

Let us know where you plan to be that day and we can help better!:cool:


I agree…you left us with little info :laugh:
What park will you be in and what meals will you be eating?

Whenever we have to pay for food at Disney out of pocket we like to eat at a regular place for lunch (like Pecos Bills, Cosmic Rays…you know) and then maybe a nicer Counter Service for dinner like Columbia Harbor House, Earl of Sandwich, Cantina de San Angel, Tangerine Cafe, Wolfgang Puck Express. OR…what we like to do is use our out of pocket day to “eat around the world”. We’ll buy small things from every (or almost every) country in Epcot and snack all day. We usually end up stuffed (and tipsy) by the time we get to Mexico and are very happy! And between the both of us we’ve usually only spent $50-60.


Here’s what we’re doin’. We’re using one of our QS meals at the Peppermarket in CS. For a QS you can have essentially a sit down TS meal with a smoothie for your drink. The it frees up a TS for one of our fav’s at EPCOT. If that doesn’t work, heck, spend next months electric bill and turn off the AC! After it’s vacation at DISNEY!!!


Thanks everyone! We don’t have a specific plan of where to be that last day. But I love Earl of Sandwich…especially the Caprese!! Maybe we’ll go there.


I second this! Love the place and look forward to a sandwich every time we are in WDW. It does mean a trip to Marketplace, but we always do that on our last day, anyway!


Wolfgang puck and earl of sandwich are great! We always have so much food left over…


Also check out the sticky marked Official Snack items…we have found that you can get “lunch” using snack credits. Our favorite is the fried rice and eggrolls at the QS next to Yak and Yeti…yum! We always have snack credits left over, because we never use them for drinks…check out the list, I think even those heavenly loaded fries at Pinocchio might be a snack as well.

Also, we love the food court at POP if you are limited in where you can go your last day (short time frame).


For a last day event, we like to hit the market for any last minute items before we leave. We like to eat at Wolfgang Puck Express. Great food very reasonably priced.


Great ideas!!


If you play your cards right, you could have some CS left. Many of the CS meals can be split.m For example, two people could easily share a Wolfgang express pizza meal or a flame tree BBQ combo.

Other than that, You could go to Crocketts Tavern in Fort wilderness and grab a pizza and a pitcher of pop or suds for $25 and feed 4 people.


Are you sure? Most of us wind up leaving some CS meals on the table.