Ebay deal


I’ve been snatching up good deals on ebay recently. There’s a ton of those 2000 pins floating around, and I figure even if I now have 25 of them, they’ll still trade at the parks!

Just now, I picked up a set of 15 pins for $30. With shipping, it works out to $2.33/pin. Now that’s one of my best buys yet! (Not counting the guy who last year mistaking listed a Buy It Now pin for a penny, with fifty cent shipping.)


Congrats on your Ebay deal Caver! I love getting stuff there. I just hate it when I’m too cheep and I loose :frowning:


Ha Ha I got you beat…21 pins for $33! Great finds out there.
Hint for all except Caver who told me…Make sure you search for pins that dont have disney in the title. Not as many people bidding.
So Caver, glad that you are getting some good deals with all that money you stole from me during the food fight. :whistling


FYI…just got back from WDW last Sunday. Those 2000 pins are everywhere for some reason. Almost every cast member has one on their lanyard. We traded for one when we got to WDW. Once we saw that every CM had one, we wanted to get rid of it. It was close to impossible to get rid of it. It took almost a week! As we know, we cannot trade a pin with a CM if they already have it.


I have at least 10 of those 2000 pins, and dh was not even a CM when we got them. Are you talking about those square gold ones? I seems that DL was giving them out to all warm bodies that year. (I KNOW we didn’t buy them)


ooo! :sad:

Why are these so plentiful???

Well, I’m not going for some time. So I’m sure they’ll thin out by then.