I am new to the whole trading thing but am starting to get into it. I bought some pins off of Ebay today bought 5 for a whopping $7 Is there a way to tell if they are authentic. Will CMs take them no matter what?

I only know of 1 I am bidding on now that I will keep for myself. Its an E with human Ariel attached. I am very excited! lol


I have bought plenty of pins on Ebay. Check the seller out before you buy, always. Make sure they list the pins as authentic. Authentic pins have the Disney marking on the back. Cast members can opt to not trade official pins.


if they are listed as authentic and they arent Im covered by that Ebay protection thing right?




I got them from Sleepys_emporium He is a top rated seller w/ 34,118 feedbacks and a 99.9% rating. It doesnt say authentic but it says they go to DL once a week…


If he’s a top-rated seller, I wouldn’t be concerned. Read his feedback, but I am sure he’s ok.


yay! Thanks!


The nice thing about ebay is that it is self regulated with the feedback system. Of course there are always exceptions, but in your case I think you are fine.



I wouldn’t worry, either. I bought pins last year from a seller and they were all tradeable. If the seller has good ratings you will be fine!


There is a seller on eBay who sells in lots of 25 pins. Free shipping. The cost works out to 73 cents per pun. I can’t remember the seller’s name, but she (rightly) claims to be the fastest shipper of pins.

Avoid the guys who are selling pins from Hong Kong. Lots of fakes in these lots.


Thanks guys. I got a lot of 25 from disneyfamily something. Only 18.50. Not a bad deal! =)


domimgood is the seller I was thinking of, but I’m sure there are lots of reliable ones.