Economy and disney


hello all,
I have a question about how the economy is effecting the attendence at WDW. I was wanting to know if anyone has been to the parks and to let me know if they have noticed a drop in attendence. Also we start our vaction at WDW june 4. I know that they have the gay day the first week at WDW. Can anyone tell me what goes on at the parks and if this is a good time to go or not. We have to children ages 11 and 7, and will they have any problems. We have told them they might see boys holding other boys hands and such.
I do not what to offend anyone just wanting to know what to expect.
thank yo u
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I haven’t been to WDW this year but I have seen a lot of reports of busy parks. I think the good deals are getting people to book trips.

We were at WDW for gay days last year and didn’t see anything that would upset me or cause me to have to explain anything to my 10 year old. The MK was packed on Saturday but we knew that was going to be the case. Check out their website and plan according to their park of the day. As far as what goes on in the parks–we saw thousands of people enjoying the parks, that’s it and nothing more. Honestly, the people who were there as part of gay days were some of the nicest we have met in all our trips. We talked to people in line and waiting for our table at 'Ohana and they were soooo nice and friendly. I wouldn’t think twice about going during that time again.

Putting on my mod hat Please do not make this a debate about gay days.


i’m agree, i don’t want make this a issue about gay days. i don’t have any problems with it.
i just want to ask the question about talking to my children about it and wanted to know what to expext.
I tryed to say that in my last statement in my post, i don’t want to offend anyone
thank you for your help


[QUOTE=mmeredith;942958]i’m agree, i don’t want make this a issue about gay days. i don’t have any problems with it.
i just want to ask the question about talking to my children about it and wanted to know what to expext.
I tryed to say that in my last statement in my post, i don’t want to offend anyone
thank you for your help

I hope you didn’t think I was directing my warning to just you, I wasn’t. We have wonderful members here but topics like this can heat up and get out of hand quickly.

I didn’t talk to my son about gays days before we went and he was just fine. He understands that families come in all sorts of combinations so seeing families with two dads/moms wasn’t an issue for him/us. Honestly, we didn’t see anything that would need to be explained to a child, nothing. Expect the parks to be crowded if you are following their schedule, if you aren’t in the same park you may not even know it’s going on, we didn’t.


We’ve been during gay days many many times (that is the week we usually go) and I have two kids now aged 13 and 9 and I’ve never seen anything that I needed to explain. I do, however, go to Gay Day at Disney World Orlando Florida and look at their itinerary and I plan a different park then what they plan each day only for the sake of less crowds, I too, have no issues with their lifestyle, lines are long enough during the summer months and I’m just trying to avoid long lines, lol!


I am going during the same time, and I think that we are going to be standing in line… unless everyone is there now, and decides not to come again this year…

See you there…


I was there last weekend and I was shocked at the crowds for early March. I think the 4/3 deal is really packing them in. Look at my TR to see a picture of what Main Street looked like at 11am!


To answer your question about attendance, the parks have been packed these recent weeks, and it is VERY unusual for this time of year. This is usually the slow period. So no doubt, depending on how long our deals last, this summer will be a very busy one attendance wise. The economy hasn’t slowed people from coming, just from buying souvenirs.


I’m glad you are backing me up on this . . . a couple times, I looked around and thought “This is crazy, it feels like a summer crowd!” I’m glad it just wasn’t me. :rolleyes:

I do have to say though seeing the sale signs on all the merchandise shocks me every time! :tongue:


DH and I were there last year during gay days, and it was wonderful. We avoided the scheduled park for the day to avoid crowds, and it was wonderful. The other parks were empty. Great group of people though. One of the few trips that we never dealt with rudeness. Did see a little crazyness (extra friendliness) at the bar at Rose and Crown, though, that I don’t think I would be comfortable with the kids seeing, but that was the only time, and could easily be avoided by moving on to another restuarant.


we were there last year and found nothing that would make us even notice…what we saw were thousands of people just enjoying the disney magic… we had a wonderful 30 minute wait for star tours talking to two very nice young men form our home state… . … … your kids will probably not even notice… they will be too psyched to be in Disney…


This is exactly what we do and have never really had a problem or issue with gay days. We are more concerned with going to a different park than the gay days park of the day to avoid crowds too! We have only witnessed one display that was “inappropriate” but we have witnessed an inapropriate scence with a boyfriend and girlfriend situation too. Some people, no matter their lifestyle feel extensive PDA is ok no matter where you are!:dry: My kids, 15 and 12, always say “get a room” when they see two people kissing :laugh: Just worry about avoiding the crowd more than anything!

Other than that, the begining of June is not too bad. Most people are still in school. We go then on purpose!! Our vacation is from May 28th-June 6th in the parks, hoping for a little lighter crowds!!:tongue:


We have always planned trips after school let out and many times it has coincided w/ Gay Days. Let me say that it is one of the best times to be in WDW. The whole family leans towards the conservative side (mix of retired and active duty military) and just plan around the crowds. We even hit MK 2 years ago on the day slated for that park. What a blast. We made it a point to people watch and laugh at guests who looked, shall I say, uncomfortable? The human animal can be interesting at times.
Plan your trip knowing that you make it what it will be. For us it has always been magical.


We just got back today and I have to say that the economy is NOT affecting the crowds. While they seemed to be managable most times, it got a little crazy at certain points.


From what I’ve been hearing from all the people coming back from WDW, it sounds like all these great deals are actually increasing the crowds! I don’t think you can expect lower crowds this year at all.


Maybe it is also busier because people wanted the extra $200.00 gift card they were giving away during their slow time. I am kind of hoping that is the case and that it won’t be as busy when we go in May. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad Disney is doing well, I just don’t like the crowds.


Yes, I hear ya about the crowds. I don’t mind moderate crowds but when we go in May(as I have many times before) I hope it is not packed either. I am used to it being light to moderate. I hope it stays that way.:mellow:


I talked to my daughter (who is gay) and ask her about the crowds during this time ( we will be in WDW 6/4-6/13) She told me that she has never heard of anything inappropiate happening and to just go to a different park than the one designated for gay week. She said it should be crowded but most end up attending parties at night and the parks may thin out later in the day. We are taking a friend 7 year old and were a little concerned for her sake. So we plan on going to Epcot Sat as MK is designated for gay week and MK on sunday as Epcot is a designated day for Gay week. Just relax and have fun, Gay’s don’t bite…


>>I have a question about how the economy is effecting the attendence at WDW. <<
We were there Easter week and everywhere was packed!!! MK was open early almost each day April… That has to mean large crowds. I know lots of people taking advantage of the previously unheard of Disney specials. Some economists might say you are padding numbers at the expense of $$ by doing that, but at Disney, I’m sure a lot extra is being spent in souvies and food.


I think crowds indicate people taking advantage of the offers Disney has put out there. I don’t think people are spending as much on food and souvenirs as they would normally. When we were there in January, we saw a lot of people who had brought food into the parks with them.