Edible Disney Art!


So I think this will be a fun place to post the various Disney cakes and other treats I make. :happy: I’m excited to share them with you! Here are just a few because I can’t find my other pictures right now! :blush:


This is my niece, dressed like Hannah Montana for her ‘So! Hannah Montana 5th Birthday!’ :wub: For which I made a cake, which is posted above! :happy:

We straightened her extremely Taylor Swiftyly curly hair and everything!

And my other niece Madison dressed up in her Minnie dress for her Minnie Mouse birthday party, again, cakes above!!


Oooo those are fantastic! I love the icing job on the Montana cake!!


Thank you! Yeah, thats my favorite too! :] I have a great idea for a woody cake for my birthday! But I guess we’ll have to wait until September for that! :laugh:


Those cakes are amazing! :heart:


Thank you so much!! :heart: They were very fun to make!


Stacey!!! Your cakes are amazing!!! I looked at the photo of the Hannah Montana cake before I read your intro to it and I thought it was a professional cake from a bakery! They’re gorgeous!!


Awwww, thank you soo much Jill, thats so sweet of you! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Yeah, cakes a kinda my thing… :blush: heh.

I’m making a Toy Story one soon, and I wanna make a Peter Pan one! lol.


Very awesome, you have a lot of talent!


super cute cakes!
i enjoy cake decorating too…mine turn out cute, but nothing as professional looking as yours!!


Aww, thank you guys for all the kind words! I really appreciate them! :heart: :heart: :heart:


I think I gained 5lbs just looking at the sweet treats!


Haha, thank you! If I do say so they were as equally pretty as delicious! :blush:


Beautiful job! YUMMY!!


Thank you so much! I need to make some more for on here! :]

I have other kids/party cakes. But they aren’t Disney themed!


Great job! I love baking cakes too (must be a stacie thing).


me too!!!

Awesome job Stacey!


Thank you! I have some more to post! Maybe tomorrow :]


Some more cake pictures I found! (a few non Disneys! oops! :blush:) I wish I had a better picture of that Cars cake but it was so HUGE and I was trying to take this before we lit the candles because I forgot to get a picture earlier! :pinch:


I love the cars cake, wow its almost as big as the table lol.:mickey: