Education jobs in WDW


i’m having a real hard time getting a teaching job out here in vegas. so i’m starting to look else where cause i’m tired of working at a daycare making probably a third of what i should be getting if i had a salaried position. then my mind start turning towards disney and i thought how awesome it would be to get a job with them!! but, when i went to school for education, i’m not sure if i’d get hired by them. does anyone know if they would happen to have teaching jobs or something education related down there? thanks for the help in advance.


Well, in WDW specifically you could apply for a management position in one of the child care centers, OR if you want to go the consultant route I think they hire educational consultants for their children’s programs, product developement, & such. I think that’s more corporate Disney though.


Go to this link and check it out:


thanks guys for the help. i appreciate it.


Good luck to you, Tragic!


I don’t know about Disney specifically, but the Orlando area is DYING for teachers. They are taking anyone with a bachelors, whether or not the bachelors is in education. I have friend who has a marketing degree and she is teaching highschool math. I’m not sure what the pay is like though. . .


I teach also and have sometimes thought it would be nice to teach in Celebration. I’m not sure what the schools or pay are like, but it would be so nice to be that close to WDW every day!


Orlando is hurting for teachers, huh? I’ll look into that. I won’t get my hopes up though cause i heard the same thing about vegas in regards to how bad they’re hurting for teachers and are taking anyone with a BA, no matter what it’s in. thanks!!!


Disney has a Youth Education Series (Disney’s YES). Look at some of the programs they offer and see if you’d be qualified in any of those areas. Don’t know if YES itself would offer full time but maybe they could fill in the blanks elsewhere.


thanks! i’ll definitely look into that.