EE questions, because I'm the world's biggest chicken


I’m thinking of stopping by AK this weekend, and was hoping I could get some feedback on EE. I am a total scaredy cat when it comes to rides, so I was wondering if this would be something I would be okay riding (if they even have a soft opening when I go).

I was wondering…
How many drops does this ride have? Just the one big drop?
When it goes backward, does it go straight back, go back in a little drop, or go back in a kinda big drop?
What holds you in the seat? Do you just have a little seatbelt, or is it more?

Is there anyone who has been on this and thought, “never again”? (which is the way I feel about Tower of Terror, lol)

Actually, it’s not even so much all of those things that unnerve me. Believe it or not, it’s the part of the coaster where you are slowly going up, tilted back and feeling like you could fall out that truely scares me.


Not nearly as scary as tower of terror. Has 1 big drop, if you go backwards thru the drop it is not as thrilling (to me anyway). Mild, if compared to coasters at a park that features such rides.


Let me start by saying I’m definitely not a coaster/thrill-ride guy, but I rode EE three times in succession without any problems during the passholder preview. Expedition Everest isn’t the total gut-wrenching experience of most of today’s high-tech roller coasters. It has it’s moments, to be sure – especially when the train is going backwards – but there really aren’t any stomach-in-your-throat, we’re going over-the-cliff occasions. There is one big drop, but the train rolls through a curve as it descends rather than dropping straight down.

When the train goes backwards, you are inside the mountain and it’s dark. I wasn’t aware of a drop – I was too busy hanging on – but the track curves a great deal and you are going quite fast.

Riders are held in place by individual lap bars that ratchet down to whatever degree of tightness is comfortable. There are no shoulder restraints. If it helps, I never once felt like I was coming up out of the seat.

As for your fear of the ascent, I don’t like heights when I’m not in something that’s totally enclosed. EE didn’t bother me, though. The ascent isn’t horribly steep, and there is a beautiful panorama of WDW to the left. And the ascent – unlike other coasters – is virtually silent without the clack-clack-clack of the lift mechanism.

Bottom line, it’s a great ride and worth conquering your fears! Enjoy!


Cavey told me he rode it three times and we all know he’s a big scaredy cat.


Your not alone!!! That’s the part that scares me too!! I always feel like I’m going to tumble right out the back :pinch: !


I think the part that catches most everyone by surprise is when you first go backwards, because you go FAST. It’s not straight backwards either, you curve pretty deeply.

But like many things in life, gotta try once before you pass judgment.


Hello everyone… I just rode EE this morning!!! Oh man, was it great… I can only say with EXTREME ENTHUSIASM that even if you are a chicken, this ride is so doggone great that you need to just climb aboard and deal with it!!! There is a whole show inside… the best theming ever… a great adventure and fabulous surprises in the truest Disney sense! This is simply not to be missed…

The surprises are NOT justcoaster-related, meaining that it’s not just a big drop or turn or something simple like that… The surprises are just so DISNEY… you will have a HUGE smile on your face the whole ride!!!

When everyone gets off, they run right over to the FP line and grab some tickets right away!!!


I love roller coasters and fast rides, and didn’t find EE frightening at all. It is just exhilerating (sp?). It’s more of the banking type curves than fast drops. MY DH has a fear of heights, but he loved it. Like MissDisney said, it’s the theming and attention to detail that adds to the thrill.


What better advice can you get than from a nice lady that just rode it hours ago… :biggrin:

You GOTTA try it at least once… Be careful though. I hear there’s some sort of creature that lives up there in them mountains… :wink:


You can always watch a video of the ride. It takes a few min. to load. :smile:


Now you can’t go tempting me with videos of EE. I’ve promised myself I’m not gonna watch any of these videos cause I want to be totally surprised when I FINALLY get to ride it…


Then don’t look at my avatar. :tongue:


Well…it’s only a small little snippit… :biggrin:


I’m really scared about going backwards fast, on busses and what not I can NEVER ride in the backwards facing seats because it FREAKS me out! But I will of course try it once…


Does anyone know if EE goes upside-down?


It does Not go upside-down.:smile: But it does go backwards. :wink:


I still need a better description of the “dark” maneuvers so I don’t blow turkey leg on the person in front of me.


That’s just it. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo dark you can’t really tell what’s happening. All you know is the dark cavern you car goes into and suddenly goes VERY fast. It’s almost like the train track is going in a circle, and you’re going around the circle backwards at 55mph.


Does anyone know the height requirement for EE?


44 inches.