EE ride video available!


For those of us who can’t wait, has a ride video available of EE that a cast member taped this week while riding the attraction. There’s a section in the middle where the ride is just too dark to see anything, but most of the ride (including the Yeti!) is clearly visible.

It’s especially helpful for those of us who are still on the fence about whether we want to (or want our kids to) ride it or not.

FYI: In order to download the video, you must purchase a “magicpass.” A one-month subscription is only $3.50 and allows you access to all of the videos and photos on the site.


oh pooh :sad: I don’t have a credit card so I can’t see that video…


You can pay for it with a checking account… :slight_smile:


don’t got me onea those neither :tongue: guess i’ll have to wait 64 more days!!! hee hee


I ma going to wait for the real thing…the suspense may kill me, but I think I’ll make it. :wink:


I’m sure you’ll make it, Dana! :slight_smile: I’m glad I checked it out, though. I’m not able to ride Dinosaur because the sensory aspects of the ride are just too much for me. With Rowdy commenting on how many “surprises” there are in EE, I knew I’d waste the whole ride worrying about what was going to jump out at me next. Now that I’ve seen some of it, I know what to expect and can just sit back and “enjoy the ride.”


But Bali that’s half the fun not knowing what’s going to happen until it does. Still I do understand. LOL Well, at least with the darkness you can’t tell what’s going on, and that’s probably the most intense moments of the attraction too. Way to go Dana and Tessa for holding out!


…or get it free here!

This site actually has two videos. :smile:


Wow great video. Thanks!


Thanks Bali! I watched it. All I have to say is…

I think I am going to be SCARED of the Yeti!


Does anybody find it really LAME that a CM would use his/her sneak peak privileges to 1) release an unauthorized video to the public, and 2) try to make money from it.


Cavey, I really don’t think anyone’s making a major profit off of this.

The CM isn’t getting money from it. To my (limited) knowledge, he just “donated” the video just like folks donate their photos to all of these disney sites. And charges a nominal fee for access to their videos and large photos as part of the site upkeep. It’s a very good, reliable, and respectable site.

Rowdy, I understand that some folks love that element of surprise, but when it comes to rides that have the kind of sensory elements that have been installed in Disney thrill rides as of late, I end up riding with my ears plugged and my eyes closed. What fun is that? I will enjoy this ride much more now that I know what to expect (to an extent) and when to expect it.

I posted this thread as an informational opportunity for those who would like to take it. I apologize to anyone who feels offended by it. :slight_smile:


Cavey, I wouldn’t even trust the fact that it was a CM, they could have SAID they were when they submitted the video and may have just been someone lucky enough to ride it early?!? Who knows.

Or, are CMs the ONLY people who have ridden it so far?


Has anyone seen the YETI up close? Here’s the link:

Very cool!!!


OMG! He is just scary, creepy, and yucky looking!! :noo: I hope he doesn’t get too close to the ride vehicles. haha.


DANG! The Free site seems to not be working. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Another video not sure if its differetn but its the only one I could gain access to:

If the link doesn’t work go the long way through and just click your way there.


Thanks! I’ll have to take a look at those too!

And I love the pictures on that Jim Hill site. Very cool…the eyes!!!


Yikes!!! :slight_smile:


Negative. The week before the CM previews began, they did a filming where guests and CMs not working rode it for a filming. After that, only CMs and their friends and families have had the privilege of riding.