EE test running


Over at they are reporting that some peolpe have been seen riding EE and there could be a chance of soft openings as early as late December 2005.

Lets all hope!!


I’ve been past EE several times this past week, and I’ve seen no activity at all. I overheard a man talking to a CM, and he said it wouldn’t be operational until early 2006. Construction is still going on all around it. They were landscaping a couple of days ago. If these people are riding, it must be after hours, or at a select time. It does look very cool though! The sign is still advertising Spring of 2006.


Like this.


The official opening is still Spring 2006, but if they start soft openings sooner that’d be nice. It’ll take the sting off of the temporary closings of Buzz and TT for my Jan trip.


I could not agree more.


I couldn’t have said it better myself - I want to be riding EE in January!!! :laugh:


Oh, Please let the be soft openings in Dec. remember, if you dream it, it will come true. And right now, I am dreaming that EE will have soft openings in Dec. Please let it be.


I’m going in January and have my fingers and toes crossed! I was bummed about TT being closed while I’m there so riding EE would be awesome!!


I am dreaming for December too!!!


Those two guys riding the EE while it is still being built are some mighty brave Imagineers!


Trying hard as I can to make it less unbearable, I saw Goofy today in his “coolest” suit yet!!! He’s a suit for EE! Man I wish I had a pic! His wool mittens, ski mask and hood, mountain climbing rope…he looked fantastic, and it appears they’re preparing for something…?


I’ll take the job ! ! ! !


I hope since my granddaughters are going in Dec it will be open !!!


We need a group chant for December!!


We need a group chant for December!!

yeah, what he said! :tongue:


I’m going to go stand in line on Saturday and say “pretty please” …I’ll let ya’ll know how it works out. :wink:


December! December! December!


I’ll chant and cross fingers for all of you. I can’t wait to hear reviews and opinions about this attraction…oh yeah I can’t wait to ride it either…lol


Lapbars in the photo . . . interesting . . . must just be the highspeeds anything more intense i think would require shoulder harnesses.

Sorry - Rollercoaster typically scare the crap out of me but the Mountains have given me hope and always made me happy . . . Looks like I may be able to add EE


HOLY GEEZ 204 days!!! WOOHOOO! Almost into 200 - then comes 100 - then comes double digits then single digits and then Laneys first trip to Disney World!!!