I’m SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited!!! :mickey: :wub: :tongue: :happy: :smile: you guys probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but just look at my countdown and you’ll see! :biggrin: Whoopee! Teehee, so how are you guys’s days so far?


I’m excited too but for different reasons. I still have over 100 days, but I just made the reservation yesterday. So I’m in planning mode!!!


I am so excited I cannot stand it!!! I am still 20 days out but getting close!! You are doing the One day dance!!!

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I’m excited too! less than 2 weeks away! I have mickey on the brain and I can’t concentrate on anything else right now!! :mickey:


I’m 24 days away…Yeah! I’m so excited. Every since I made the reservation in July all I can think about is my favorite place in the world!!!


Your telling me My son is ready he wants to leave now. IWe probably won’t sleep tonight. I hope everyone enjoys thier vacations with teir familes. Don’t want to burst anyones bubble but I just looked on the hurricane weather chanel and looks like Frances is starting to brew up. What is it with these storms just go away.


i’m excited that i’m exactly a month away from going to WDW. i was singing last night, “we’re going to disney world. we’re going to disney world.” isn’t it just thrilling to know how close you are from your trip?


YAY! I take off three weeks from tomorrow! (and I get to ditch three days of school to do it, too :pirate: ) Can’t WAIT! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Wish I was feeling the same. Yes we’ve gone and returned, but I am dying to get back there. I really don’t want to wait a long time again!!

To all, have a great trip!!!


I’m so jealous!!! My trip is sooo far away (July 05). Wish I could go in Sept. but can’t take the kids out of school. I’ll have to settle for watching the vacation planning video for now, I think DD has it memorized.


We are very excited to under 100 days! Can’t wait… Can’t stay off DisneyCentral everyone is great. This is going to be our best trip ever…


Hey Tink, that’s my birthday! :laugh:


We are leaving on July 12 and will be gone til the 22. Ten days with 17 family members. It should be a great trip (if I survive!). It’s my DD birthday on the 15th, I’ve already ordered her the personalized Disney Birthday Princess t-shirt. I’m a little excited for her, she really had a horrible birthday this year due to a death in the family, so next year she will be more of a princess than usual.


I leave Dec 3 and come back Dec 13. By the way, how do I create a countdown for my posts? Majorly psyched!!! I’m going to watch the planning video again just for fun!


We leave a day after you!!! Did you get your DC pin? I hope to run into some DCers while we are visiting!!


18 days here!! I’m on cloud 9!


Cool!!! No, I haven’t gotten my DC pin. Where do I get one? I’m so glad to have a chance to meet a fellow poster and DC Disney fan!!! And you’re also staying POR (you know all the Christmas decorations will be up) Yipeeee!!!