Eeek not good


Rumor is swirling that OSHA has closed Space Mountain, Soarin’ and the Matterhorn:( Can anyone confirm or deny this?


Yep. I followed the story most of yesterday. Crazy.

Here’s a good thread on it:

News Editors Note: Multiple Disneyland Attractions Closed by DOSH for Safety Reasons


Someone forgot to pay off the osha…


Yikes. I’m happy they’re making things safer for the workers, but I cannot even begin to imagine the number of guests lined up at Guest Relations demanding a refund for their park entrance…


Normally I think people like that are whiners, but I’d think that yesterday they were totally justified. Imagine if that was your one day to go.


Oh, I agree in this case they’re justified. I just felt bad for Guest Relations - they must have been swamped.