Eep! The hurricanes are really scaring me! I have a trip planned, booked, and payed for on the 20th, Friday. I am really scared because I will be flying on a six hour flight to Florida from California and all of these hurricanes and storms sound really brutal. I’m hoping it’ll clear up but for now I’m losing my head over the fact that my first WDW trip might not be so magical…and maybe even be cancelled :crying: What should I do? Should I even be worrying? Please help me out! :sad:


Don’t worry about it. Just be informed. Watch the weather channel and see what they say. Right now they are saying that Earl should stay south of us in Florida, but of course that could change. Just don’t worry…it won’t do any good. Can’t change the weather. That’s why I don’t recommend to friends out of state to plan trips to Florida…it’s the peak of hurricane season and you just never know what might be brewing! So just relax and keep checking things…Also, our weather people are telling us not to worry…and if they do that then you shouldn’t either! It looks like it won’t have any affect…there isnt anything to bring in north…


There’s really nothing to worry about. The threat of hurricanes is just part of living in Florida – locals don’t give it any thought at all.

If it’s any consolation, the odds of it happening again anytime soon are pretty long. Prior to Charley, the last hurricane to hit Orlando was 44 years ago – Hurricane Donna in 1960. Donna, though, affected far fewer people than Charley. In pre-Disney 1960, there were only 400,000 people living in metropolitan Orlando. Today, that figure has climbed to more than 1.7 million.


I have to agree with PH, I mean living in Hurricane areas they really arent too bad. Most often just fizzle out in the gulf anyways. Lol I loved it when I was in my 02 season down at WDW. All the Cp’s from the north wanted to hold a hurricane party since they had never been in one. When they started getting bad (the hurricanes that is) they all started getting really worried. Meanwhile I am getting good sleep while a mild thunderstorm is over head! SO aside from maybe a bit more rain, hurricanes arent really that bad. Just watch the weather channel and keep tabs of whats up. But hey most of us do that before heading anywhere just in general don’t we??


Don’t panic at all. Check with the airline the night before…early though. If they decide to cancel your flight, you could always fly into Tampa (about 45 minutes away). That happened to us about 5 years ago. Hurricane Eileen was going to hit Orlando the day we were to fly in and they closed Orlando airport. We called and got everything changed to Tampa. Turned out the airline switched our entire flight to Tampa, but us and another couple were the only ones who changed our rental car to Tampa also. The rest of the people had to be bussed to Orlando. We hung out in Clearwater for the day and went to WDW later that afternoon.

The magic will always be there, no matter the situation.


We’re flying to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday to begin a Caribbean cruise and I admit that I’ve been worried about the same thing. Nothing to do but keep watching the weather channel (or check it on the Net). As of this morning, it appears that Earl, should pass south-westerly below Florida. So just keep hoping, watching and praying!


We’re kind of wound up as well because we are flying down on the 20th too!

Our kids, 8, 7 & 8 months - don’t know. They think we’re flying to a small NH resort we normally drive to but I told them I found a cheap flight there to add a little fun. We’re going to let them figure it out.

Anyway, it looks like the 2 other storms are going to miss Florida but the 10 day forecast looks like what we were told to expect - occasional thunderstorms.

Called last night to confirm our PS’s and the 3 staff members I spoke to all sounded convincing re: it’s business as usual with some damage and clean-up wrapping up this week.

Best of luck!



I had some clients arrive on Saturday and Sunday, all was fine. They said the airport was a big mess, but once they got out of there, it was fine. They also said Disney was remarkably clean. Other than some debris here or there, everything looked completely normal.

One other thing to note is that during things like this, Disney waives any cancellation fees for those who cancel or don’t arrive. Most airlines will as well, if you ask nice.


Also Ariel, don’t be worried about the flight. No plane will fly if there is any risk of problems with a storm.


Yea im hoping the weather will get better by next week. We have been planning and looking foward to this trip all year and dont want anything to ruin it. We go every year at the end of august and never had this problem. :sad:


Don’t be sad! I’m sure everything will be fine. Look at how well Disney handled this storm. Things always work out - remember when I got called for jury duty during my upcoming trip? Dodged that bullet…heh… :ninja:

Anyhow, your biggest problem will be…“dole whips or turkey legs? hmmm…dole whips or turkey legs?” :flowers:


lol thats true. I like both dole whips and turkey legs…now thats a hard choice :wink:


Anyhow, your biggest problem will be…“dole whips or turkey legs? hmmm…dole whips or turkey legs?” :flowers:[/QUOTE]

BOTH!!! :biggrin:


Just heard that Earl has been downgraded to a tropical wave and is heading westward toward the Yucatan Pennisula. Good news!


Oh goodness Llama you have no idea how much relief you just gave me! :happy: By the way, we upgraded our resort stay so we are going the 27th now…glee!!!


I think others have given you good advice. Orlando and hurricanes don’t seem to usually mix. We had friends there during this last storm and they weren’t bothered much except with flights. I used to be afraid of thundershowers, but after visiting Florida, the ones they have are much more than we have but they don’t last long and residents aren’t bothered much.

WDW is so much more than Disneyland. You will have such a nice time. Just remember to pace yourselves and if crowds are large, definitely make use of the fastpasses. Pick up a fastpass at Jungle Cruise, then go to Pirates of the Caribbean and go back to JC when your time comes up. JC is not worth more than a 20 minute wait, but it is a classic. We stayed at the Caribbean about 15 years ago! Boy does time fly. We had a wonderful time. Did use the internal transportation but we really prefer to rent a car. If you can, see Cirque du Soleil.

Have fun.


Thanks you guys helped greatly! I am quite happy about this trip! We have a special on our package where we can go to WDW earlier than the rest and be at WDW while it’s still closed… so we will be getting all of our fast passes then!