Effects on Airline Prices?


Just wondering what others think… do you guys think that this latest madness will increase or decrease the cost to fly and does it make you not want to get on a plane? :confused:


It won’t do anything. The attack was thwarted so there shouldn’t be any effect. If anything, they’d go down, though.


i was pretty scared since 9-11-01 and i don’t forget the attack in my mind. I glad that they do something.


I would think most people would be put off from buying airfare at this giving moment. You may see some serious specials if this keeps up.


I hope that everything will at least stay the same or go down in the future.


I’m just really proud of our intelligence services and also the UK’s. With so much anti-this and anti-that talk going on (don’t want to turn this into a political thing), I think we have to say “Good job” and offer a pat on the back when things turn out so well. This was just simply a job well done by so many people, here and overseas.


Well, it may be coincidental, but Southwest just reinstated their $49 each way fare from New Orleans to Orlando. It had expired on July 27 and apparently was reinstated late yesterday or today. Our DD#1 was booked during the first discount, and today when it reopened, I booked myself, DW, and DD#2.

If business travel falls off you will see discounts.


I’d bet on an eventual increase in security fees, but I’d think the fares will stay the same as long as business travel stays steady as Gingles said.


Ugrrrr…I just checked American and my ticket is going to cost $20 more compared to yesterday! I hope it goes down again, I was waiting a couple of weeks more to buy it:crying:


It appears the Brits had 1500 people working on this…

I suspect there might be a new pricing to lower some prices.


^Yes, the British, the US, and Pakistan. It was a collaborative effort with great cooperation and I certainly hope it continues.


I think regardless of the fact that this attack was thwarted, this reminds those of us who have gone about our lives and “forgotten” (for lack of a better term, since we will never forget what happened on 9/11, it is a daily reminder for most of us) that these planes can be used in such terrible ways by those who have no regard for human life.

I think it brings back a fear that we have tried to force away, so I suppose the airlines will start to issue some discounts in order to get people “back on the horse again!”

I do have to say, although I am not a fan of our “Commander in Chief” I believe that he has instituted a great team to keep our homeland safe and I think that the same goes for Tony Blair. I think they deserve koodos for the efforts made this week! We are very lucky that the good prevailed! May it continue to!!!


Well said - Nokey!!!:heart: