"Eight Below"



We saw previews for this when we went to see Hoodwinked. It looks like a great movie, but there is no way I could watch it!! I would be bawling like a baby.


I’m with you on this…looks like a tear jerker and I hate to cry. :pirate:


I was thinking about seeing this over the weekend but my DILs will be here so we may have to wait a week so I won’t cry like a baby in front of them.


Haha! Me too! I cried just on the commercial!


Can’t wait to see it. You need a good cry once in a while. I love husky’s. Plus always love a good family film. :happy:


Yep - my dh and I were watching the preview and he said “Well there’s one movie you won’t be watching”.


DS7 and I saw a preview for this last November, and just knew that DD10 would also love it. We’ve been waiting for 3 months. I’ll (hopefully if the weather is not terrible as they’re predicting) be home Friday night, and have promised the kids we’ll see it over the week-end.


I’ve never even heard of this, and the site is blocked on the govt computers here at work. What’s it about?


its about a team of sled dogs that have to be abandoned in antiartica and how they survive as a pack. at the same time their owner/trainer who was forced to leave them is trying to rally support/resources to send an expedition down to the south pole to rescue them.


Also based on a true story. Pretty boss huh?


it looks like a good movie. i want to see it. those dogs are just so beautiful.


I just saw it. It’s an amazing movie I must say. Truly amazing. But in my opinion it was a little extreme for disney(They showed 2 of the dogs dieing that were stranded and showed the dead body of one in the end :’( :’( :’( ). But ya pretty sad but very well made. I’d give it 3 1/2 mickey heads :P.


Oh yea… I know what this is, I just didn’t know the name of the movie… But I do know what y’all are talking about, cause there is a dog in there named Dewey… :laugh:

But I didn’t know it was sad…


In the first part it’s really happy. But right after that it becomes intense.


Ooooh…like a dogcicle? :eek:


I tricked my boyfriend (not a huge Disney fan) to see a sneak preview. The movie was really good, although parts of it are intense (I about jumped out of my seat because of the leopard seal…which my boyfriend got a good laugh out of!) Even he said it was something he didn’t mind seeing.


OOO I HATED THE LEPOARD SEAL! POOR DOG’S FOOT! But no disneyhog they had all the dogs tied up so they couldn’t escape but then after they left and never came back they had to escape to survive and most them were able to except one…So when they came back and unburied all the chains where they were tied up to they found 1 of them dead and it was sad and awful. :frowning: Ya, I bet that sounded confusing :P. But like I said before, I can’t believe disney made a movie like that. Of course I said the same thing when they made P of C.


hey c-palace way to ruin the movie and tell us 2 dogs die :tongue: jk…guests at the movie theater I work at ruined the ending for me the day it came out pouts

It looks WAY too sad for me, I like “sad” movies but animals getting hurt/lost/dead or anything just pushes me over the edge :sad:


I know I’m such the party pooper Tessa ^_^! But hey you should hunt down the guests who told you the ending =P.