Eight Days to go and the cat is


Looking at all the luggage and looking like he is saying to himself. oh,oh there they go again! I wonder who will be taking care of me? Nobody does a better job of spoiling me then the “old” man. Hang in there Simba, I’ll be back!! :tongue:


Ha! Our cat freaks out when the luggage comes out too, Franco! He may not be too bright about a lot of things, but he sure knows what that means!


When I come back he will ignore me for awhile then start to wanting to play. And yes, he to is not the brightest light around, but he’s my buddy! :tongue:


Our dogs start to panic when they see our luggage too! I was cleaning out my suitcase last week and one of them kept trying to jump on my lap.


awww poor simba. My Dog does the same thing when the luggage comes out…lol Shame you guys aren’t closer. You could leave him with my DS who is cat lady in these parts. She has three and loves the kitties. I’d take him, but my german sheppard kita has cat issues and would try to make him her throw toy…lol


LOL, Opus ( our dog ) is just the opposite. When the suitcases come out he knows that either A) he is going with us or B) the boys and our neighbor will be watching him. When the boys watch him he gets at least three walks a day and both they and our neighbor give him “the good” biscuits.

He does go nuts when we come home, and then he mopes around looking for the boys. I do believe he is a lot smarter then I give him credit for!


aawwwwww…that’s the only hard part of leaving(besides packing). I just hate the look that my pets get in their eyes :crying: It almost makes me stay home…almost :cool:


Me too! Especially the golden retriever, she has the sadest eyes! I am going to give her a hug right now! :wub:


Do you know I actually tried to pack last time without the cats finding out. :pinch: Talk about a nutcase. They found out anyway - and even though they were well taken care of for the month we were gone, I worried about them all the time, (more than the kids, lol). Oh, the things we do for our pets. Poor Simba. :crying:


Heehee! That sounds like me, I call everyday checking on my dogs.


aawwww…give her a hug for me too :wub:


I tried that, but the dog sleeps with me…no hiding that. I just get the dirty looks… :frown:


I did and she smiled! She actually smiles like the dog in Wynn Dixie! Kinda weird but so cute!


My dogs flip out too when they see the suitcases. When we get home, they will not leave my side. I usually wind up tripping over them for the first few days we are back.


My brother in law had an Irish Setter/Lab mix that smiled too! Sooo cute!


aawwwww…thanks pumouse…I so miss having a dog :crying: