Eight days wasn't enough DT's 2012 TR


So I don’t have a catchy little title like LMS but I’m going to try to do a trip report this year. The last few I’ve started have gone unfinished, maybe this one will be different.


Me-the planner of all things Disney
Mike-loves Disney but doesn’t need to talk about it all the time
Nate-my Disney loving son, he’s my go to guy when I want to talk about Disney

Minor Cast:
J and C—We went to WDW with them last summer and our trips overlapped this summer so we planned a few dinners together and maybe some park time.

We went to WDW twice last year. Both trips were good trips but we went with friends one trip and family the other trip. I like traveling with other people but I wanted a trip that we could do what we wanted to do and do it ‘our’ way.


Day 1 Plan for the day: Get there!

The day started early, we had a 6 am flight so we needed to be at the airport by 4:30, or earlier. We spent the night at our usual hotel near the airport. We loaded the car, drove the half block to park and fly, and were on our way to the airport in no time. When we got to the airport the bag check line was huge but the Southwest ticket counter opened about 10 minutes early (at 4:20) and we were handing our bags over in less than 15 minutes. Security wasn’t a problem; we were all through with no issues, maybe a first for us. All that was left was the waiting. The guys ate some donuts and chatted while I focused all my energy on keeping the plane in the air. Our flight was uneventful, just the way I like it and we landed on time.

Our ME bus was waiting for us and was nearly full when we boarded so we were backing out in a matter of minutes.


Yay! You started your TR. I will be the TR enforcer this time and make sure you finish!!


Thanks, I may need it in a few days. I’ve got some time to get started today. Mike is out of town for a couple of days and Nate has band camp all morning then he needs to go play some golf.


After dropping off at Pop we were the second stop. There were several families getting off at BW so Mike waited to get our carry on from the under the bus while Nate and I started checking in. When we got off the bus a CM walked up to us and asked if we were the XXXXXXX family. How she knew who we were I have no idea but I wasn’t one to argue. She walked us in and up to a CM to check us in. We checked in and bought our park tickets (eight day park hoppers with the water park and more options) and were on our way in less than 10 minutes.

I like the new ticket pricing. Once we added the park hopping option it was only $22 more to add the water park and more option—that’s a really good deal. I think it was only $57 for both park hopping and water park and more options.

That morning while we were getting ready to leave for the airport I pulled an extra pair of my DH’s sunglasses out of the backpack and gave him a mental eye roll that said something to the effect of “I’m not carrying around a second pair of sunglasses for you all week.” Now, after checking in, I pulled my sunglasses out of the backpack only to discover they had gotten broken some how between early that morning and checking in. Dang, saved my husband’s second pair but my only pair was broken.

We were meeting up with J & C so we were off to Magic Kingdom for some lunch and to meet them.


Side note—Nate has been taking golf lesson from a local PGA pro for a few years. At Nate’s last lesson before we left he challenged Nate to keep doing his workout while we were on vacation since we weren’t taking his clubs. He was teasing Nate about dropping and doing 15 push ups no matter where we were, even in a restaurant. Nate would never do that but on the hour drive home from his lesson we started joking about sending his coach pictures of him doing push ups in random places around WDW. We had some good laughs about where we could take pictures. Here’s our first picture on our way in to show his coach we were at Magic Kingdom.




This band walked by us but I was too hungry to stop and watch.


…I love this!!! :laugh:


…isn’t there just something about arriving on main street that just makes you say that??? Great pictures…


Love the ‘push ups’ challenge! Loving the TR too.


The first picture of Nate, I said noooooo. I can’t believe how grown he is.

We have never had “are you the xxxx family” asked of us. Only “are you checking in” and being shown to the desk.


I had to read it twice when you mentioned getting off the bus at BW. My only thoughts was that your favorite is BCV, then I realized some time ago you mentioned you couldn’t get in to BCV. How did you like BW?


I love the push-up challenge!!! I can’t believe how big Nate is…omg I am getting old.


I was disapponited we couldn’t get BCV for our whole stay but we had a very open mind about trying BWV again. We didn’t have a bad stay last time but the resort just felt cold to us. This time I felt more welcomed when we were checking in, that’s huge for me. Everyone else we talked to from Bell Services to CMs in the shops were friendly. My heart is still at BC but BW is a good second choice.


You and me both…


We had fun with it. We got some strange looks but we didn’t care it was fun and his swing/golf coach got a kick out of it.


I don’t know what it is but there’s something about it. We had a crazy busy week leading up to our trip so it felt good to get there and know we were officially on vacation.


Thanks, it was fun to do.


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1119053]The first picture of Nate, I said noooooo. I can’t believe how grown he is.

We have never had “are you the xxxx family” asked of us. Only “are you checking in” and being shown to the desk.[/QUOTE]

We’ve had it happen at BC and now BW. We were the only family getting off the bus who didn’t do online check in so no one else was asked for by name.