EJ's Ain't no off season TR!


WOW was it hot and kind of crowded today! :eek:

We started at AK around 12:30, headed straight for EE. Stood in line for about an hour:pinch:, and it would have been half as long if not for those darned fastpassers:biggrin: Such a fun ride though. Useless fun tip: Try waving to the people staring up at you as you are going up the first big hill. See if any strange people wave back at you.:laugh:

Then we did Dinosaur. Pete thought maybe I wouldn’t be scared of it anymore. Well, he was WRONG wasn’t he?!:crying: It was really stinkin’ hot (as Wish noted in my other thread), so we hit Pizzafari where I got beer and pizza, Pete got the chicken parm sandwich and a side salad, and had to ask the manager for the nutritional information on both :rolleyes: and hold up the line as part of his new diet. Let’s just say that I’m glad it was 2PM and not 12noon.

Must have been the heat and the Safari Amber, but I got us lost afterwards trying to get to the car. :whistling:

Then we drive to MGM. I should have known better on the tram, but it was CRAWLING with cheerleaders :noo: We got in line for ToT (45 min), but since the FP line was just as long, we got our tails OUT OF MGM immediately.

Onward to our old reliable for high crowds, Epcot. Everything is packed except for Mission Space, so after a 2 min wait, we get in our little spaceship, only to have our mission aborted and be trapped in the ride for the better part of 10 min. I had to close my eyes and breathe while Pete held my hand. That was NOT cool. We get handed FPs to come back later, and we try to schmooze the guy at Soarin’ to let us trade them in (rather than wait 70 min), but he tells us to take a hike. :dry:

But let me say that we finally ate at the Land pavilion and DARN that $9.99 salmon is GOOD! Got a mini bottle of chardonnay w/it, and I was ready to sleep right there in that booth! Unfortunately, Pete made me get up, we walked to France where I proceeded to offend the French girl at the patisserie with my terrible pronunciation of “gateau fromage” (cheesecake), and consequently lose my phone out my back pocket on the bench. We are just about to board the Friendship boat, when Pete’s phone rings. It’s John, and he says that some French guy just called to say he found a phone (apparently, the strange Frenchman just hit “send” and John was the last person I had called) sitting in France. We run back to France, find the kind stranger, thank him profusely for returning it (checked to make sure he didn’t call Europe), and then received quite a schooling on how to not lose one’s cell phone in the future :huh: :pirate:

Back to the boat, back for a ride on Mission Space with the FPs, then to the Poly for our usual after dark at Disney - cigar for Pete and Malibu Bay Breeze for me relaxing in the hammock together on the beach overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon.:heart:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Sounds like a great day EJ!! I would’ve FREAKED getting stuck in M:S - and I love thrill rides! :noo:


I wish I was laying in a hammock with my DH and a Malibu Bay Breeze. What a great way to end the day.
Thanks Jenny :mickey:


I’m TOTALLY one of the “strange people” that would wave back at you…

The end of your day sounds GREAT!!! Although I think I’d trade your Malibu drink for an Alabama Slammer…YUM! :wink:


Awww, sounds like a nice day! MIL called me back an hour later and said how busy it got later that afternoon, she said the Soarin’ line had grown to over an hour!!!

Anyway, it sounds like you made the BEST out of the heat and crowds! A wonderful Sunday, for sure!


Hmm, so that’s where everyone was–everywhere but the MK! It was dead there yesterday. :mickey:


Sounds like a fun day, Jenny. Right now I would take hot crowded day at any WDW park.


Yep Dt - A hot day at WDW beats any day at work …
Nice wrap up to your day. Sounds very relaxing.


I love your trip reports.

I would FREAK if I was stuck on M:S, I feel so bad for you!

It sounds like you made up for the bad time on M:S back at the Poly :c)


Great report. I’m glad you went despite the crowds!


Sounds like a good time…I feel your pain about the cheerleaders! Totally enjoyed this EJ!! Tell Mr. D&H I said hello!


Touring plans gave WDW a level 7 for yesterday’s attendance and said AK would be the park to go to and MK would be the park to avoid…maybe everyone read the webpage and stayed away, lol.


That’s EXACTLY why I didn’t go to the MK. I need to get Ginger’s cell so I can check on this stuff from now on!


Exactly what I was thinking!
Jenny what a great way to end such an ambitious day.
Great TR, thanks.


I’m glad someone else liked the salmon at the Seasons! Extremely yummy!


Sounds like a great day!!!


Hooray, a TR from Jenny! So glad you shared with us. Sorry about the Mission Space thing. I started hyperventilating just reading about it!


Beach and the drink sounded like the perfect way to end a disney day. I’ll have to keep that in mind for october. If the group gets to me I can run away and hide at the polynesian for a few hours and a few drinks…lol


Yeah Jenny that sure was a great way to end your day!
great TR


I so like how you ended you day! Very nice :happy:

Oh…and I guess I’m strange…cause I’d wave back to ya!