EJ's Traitor TR! MUST READ!


So for a bit of escapism, we went to that “other” Orlando area park today :eek: WHAT a day! :huh: :excl:

First of all, thanks to Cincy for sending me the pair of 1 day 1 park tickets.:heart: I called Universal and asked them what it would cost to upgrade to 1 day 2 parks. I was told $20.00. Sooooooooo we get up at 6:45AM, go to Universal, drive 80 miles, pay $9 for parking, wait FOREVER in line to upgrade/buy John’s ticket, and then we are told that we can’t upgrade a comp!

So we are directed through the turnstiles (with our tickets) to guest services, who promptly tells us that we are SOL, we had a “misinformed” customer rep on the phone. I can upgrade for $120! *UNBELIEVABLE: Oh, and P.S., we have lost our comps that we used to walk 40 feet from the turnstiles to the guest services desk because we already swiped them! :eek: I ask for a supervisor, who condescends to return our comps to us and refund John’s ticket.

Now this is what really burns me. I did not:
A. Raise my voice.
B. Use bad language.
C. Threaten anyone.

What I did do was to explain that I had a big problem with the inconsistency in their customer service, and repeatedly asked why they did not guarantee same. They more or less told us where to put it and the services rep said something to the effect that he wasn’t going to “allow me to be belligerent with him or his staff.” :ninja: :pinch: So at this point I demand a refund for my parking, inform him that we will never again come to this park, and we storm out.

On the way out, Pete spots a plainclothes Universal employee, who is wearing some sort of “chief guest relations” sort of badge. Pete walks up to her and tells her that we are going to Disney and we aren’t ever coming back. She politely asks what she can do to turn the situation around. Astoundingly, I am the more calm of the 3 of us, and I explain to her calmly but disappointedly exactly what happened. This woman named Trisha listened politely, and then took our comp tickets out of our hand, and told us that we were all getting our 1 day 2 park tickets. She refused to let Pete or me pay for the upgrade, and even better DIDN’T LET JOHN PAY A PENNY FOR HIS ADMISSION!!!

Trisha returned 2 minutes later with three free tickets for both parks, and two express passes (FP equivalents) to go with them. I am writing a letter to the company tomorrow.

WHEW! More on the actual TR soon…


WOW!!! That’s horrible and awesome all at the same time! I’m sorry about the horrible customer service, but thrilled to hear that at least Trisha had her head screwed on straight!

The customer service stars on the east coast must have been screwy today because I had a similar situation at the laundromat; but all I got was $20 for a couple of shruken t-shirts. :rolleyes:

Can’t wait to hear more!!!


Wow, what a turn-around!

But I must be missing something…you went to Uni-what? :wink:


gasp :eek: you went where??? :huh: JK :tongue:

That sounds great with the free upgrades!! Great job for that employee! :happy:


Wow, what a bad start to your day, I’m glad Trisha took the time to listen to you. I can’t wait to hear more about your day.


Been there, done that probably won’t go back…the only reason I went by the way was because it was free.

Good for Pete keeping a weather eye open for CS representative and for you EJ keeping your cool.

Can’t wait to hear more :mickey:


I’m sooo glad to be hearing a postive report about Universal! I’ve never had any bad experiences there.

Can’t wait for the rest!


Your FIRST mistake was going to that other park. :tongue:

Next time you’ve got a hankering to roam, just go to Gatorland. 'kay?


I’m willing to bet my life savings that SAVIOUR woman used to work for Disney :biggrin:
What a poopy start to the day…though it serves you right for not going to Disney :laugh:


Used to or still does :whistling


Oh my! Not what I expect out of one of the people I deem a DC purist BUT . . . Absence makes the heart grow fonder. As you saw, within minutes you were threatening to go to the happiest place on earth unfortunately one of those evil people coaxed you into staying.


I’m waiting to here if the free tickets were worth it.


I’m a little confused here. Where exactly in Disney is this “Universal” you speak of?! :cool:

Just kidding! I’m glad SOMEONE there helped you! And I’ll bet she gave those other folks a pretty good earfull for not helping you out! It’s all about customer relations!


Dear Confused,

The place you speak of is found in the Bizzarro Anti-universe far from WDW. If you have ever driven east on I-4, you have no doubt seen suspicious billboards claiming non-Disney attracts lie just beyond the next exit. However, as EmpressJenny has discovered, once you leave the interstate, you enter into the dark underworld of Orlando. This is a place of negative advertising, poor customer service, and “children’s” films filled with potty humor and crude inuendo.

Now those who speak up in favor of this “Universal Studios” (or the Anti-universe, as we professionals refer to it) claim that it is highly favored by teenagers. But as we all know, teenagers are constantly looking to rebel against anything their parents love. When a parent loves wholesome, family-centered entertainment, teens will look for the antithesis to these qualities. Thus the Anti-universe is embraced. [I should note here that current media points out that parents are the “anti-drug.” Essentially this is saying, drugs are bad, teens are looking for the anti-parent thing. Parents are seeking to be the antithesis to the anti-parent thing. Hence, parents are the anti-anti-anti solution to drugs. But I digress…]

That EmpressJenny found the experience negative is not be be suprising. As we all know, as a general rule, EJ hates children. Why? Because children at WDW remind her that she is no longer a child herself, and that she is one day going to be an old hag, with her husband flirting with the models living in their former apartment complex. In going to the Anti-universe, EJ encountered a reality enjoyed by teens. Whereas, children remind EJ she is going to be old, teenagers already see EJ as ancient beyond reason and can’t understand why anyone would allow her out of the nursing home to ride a rollercoaster. This hostility towards EJ, triggered an anti-anti-Disney event, briefly tearing a hole in the space-time continuim.*

Additionally, studies have shown only three groups of people have embraced the Anti-universe, known as Universal Studios: teenagers, which we have already discussed, ddoll, who in true diva fashion is a little eccentric♣, and people who would stomp cute little fairies like Tinkerbell into the pavement before ever coming up with a happy thought allowing them to fly. As EJ does not meet any of these criteria, her experiece could be nothing, but unenjoyable.

I hope that helps. Remember to only visit parks that can be accessed off of Highway 192!

~Dr. Cavey

*Disclaimer: The view expressed is solely the opinion of Dr. Cavey, and is not backed by any medical knowledge on the matter. No one is 100% sure why EJ hates children.
:clubs:Disclaimer: ddoll’s diva status may have nothing to do with her enjoyment of Universal Studios…or bread pudding.


ROFL!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Too much!

I guess us US/IOA fans had to see the comments coming…


HAHAHA!!! You’re so funny!!!

and, for anyone new reading - EJ LOVES KIDS! SHe’s great with them!


That’s SO FUNNY, Cavey! LOL!


HAHAHA Cavey - I hope I get to meet you in the next year, I want to print that post and hand it out to people who want to go to US/IOA hehehe


Hey Jenny, was Pete wearing his favorite Mickey shirt? :huh:



I second Kippage’s comment - glad it turned out good so far - we love Universal. Now where is the rest of the report?


WOW! Props to Trisha for saving the day!