El Pirata y el Perico Restaurante Buffet at MK


I was looking through the menus on allearsnet and found this…El Pirata y el Perico Restaurante Dinner Buffet in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom - testing TESTING SEPTEMBER 22 THROUGH OCTOBER 5, 2005.

I’ve never heard anything about this restaurant. Is it a restaruant now or were they just testing? I don’t recall seeing it on my last visit Sept. 2005 and I was there during some of the test dates.


I believe this is the restaurant that is open across the walkway from Pirates of the Caribbean. I believe this restaurant is open seasonally. This sounds like a nice addition to the MK!! I hope that it works out well so there will be another choice in the MK!


Yes, It’s been around a while, but isn’t open very often.

I also found this info:

"The seasonally open restaurant El Pirata y El Perico is set to open for the busy Easter holidays. The dates and times are listed below. Menu and reviews

Sat April 8th 11am-3pm
Sun 9th 11am-4pm
Mon 10th 11am-9pm
Tue 11th 11am-9pm
Wed 12th 11am-4pm
Thu 13th 11am-4pm
Fri 14th 11am-4pm

Sat 15th 11am-4pm
Sun 16th 11am-4pm
Mon 17th 11am-9pm
Tue 18th 11am-9pm
Wed 19th 11am-4pm
Thu 20th 11am-4pm
Fri 21st 11am-4pm
Sat 22nd 11am-4pm


I wish it was open all the time! I’ve always wanted to try it.


I don’t think it was even open last summer when we were there. We walked by it one day and it was closed but I didn’t check every day.


we were there in June and it was open , we went in just to get a drink.


OMG!!! I LOVE this place. I don’t think I’d be able to control my excitement if they actually had a buffet here. I’d probably miss a whole day in the MK if they had a buffet… I’m just praying that they open up during my May 2006 trip…


Yes its right across from POTC but was closed when we were there in March. And POTC was closed so it was kind-of strange over there.


The food is quite yummy…I hope they open it up more!!!


I wanna try it SO bad - We thought it was “open” during our honeymoon back in 03.

Turns out, you can just get to Peco’s Bills from it? I don’t know. It still confuses me. LOL. ANyway, it was closed, and we ended up at Peco’s Bills.

HEre is a picture - we were like “YAY! TACOS!” :sad:


The menu for the buffet is not mexican food at all, which is kind of strange to me given the name of the restaurant! This was on allearsnet

Age 10 and up $21.99 (plus tax and gratuity)
Children 3-9 $9.99 (plus tax and gratuity)

Non-alcoholic, non-specialty beverages included
Tossed Garden Green Salad with Ranch, French, Raspberry Vinaigrette and low-fat dressings

Cucumbers, Tomato and Red Onion Salad

Pasta Salad with Herb Dressings

Barbecue Chicken

Mesquite Grilled Kansas City Steak with maitre d’ butter
(Grilled on stage)

Mango Barbecue Pork Ribs

Ranch-style Baked Beans

Corn on the Cob

Western Fried Potatoes

Mickey Mac and Cheese

Cornbread with Honey

Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, and Key Lime Pie


AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! I hope they don’t change the menu to that…how boring!!!


We loved the tacos & taco salads there. That (along with some burritos) is what should be on the buffet!


Always wanted to eat there too, but it has always been closed. Maybe Tessa or Ginger can let us know if it will be open past the Easter dates! :mickey:


Late this past October, the test period for the buffet had already passed and the location was closed. We were told the buffet had been purely experimental and no further plans were known. If I’m reading this thread right, it’s still not sure that they haven’t gone back to their original menu or what is being served. The All Ears listing is not fresh if it says the test was late September to early October with no update after that.
By the way, they speak Spanish on several Carribean islands, which does fit with POTC more than Mexico does.


I remember this CS from way back. Cool if they could reopen.


We always went there for the taco salads. I know it’s closed when we go in the off season, but I thought it was always open during busy times.


It has never been open when we were there. I would love to get some taco’s! :mickey:


wow…I totally missed this one on ALL of my trips! I hope it is open when I next travel over there~ I would love to try it out.