El Rio Del Tiempo


MissDisney referred to it in another thread, but how is the rehab on El Rio Del Tiempo? What’s different?

Lil’ and I have always loved this ride, because there’s never a line, and we can go on it multiple times as a rest break the kids enjoy.

It was closed for the rehab our last trip. :crying:


The three Caballeros are the stars. I think they have the same video as before but have overlayed animation of two of the three looking for Donald. You’ll see Donald pop-up every once in awhile and then the others just behind searching for him. My favorite is the cliff-diving scene. Of course because it’s Disney we have a ‘happily ever after’ ending.


We rode it a few times on our trip, its a cute rehab. Still no long waits, and a nice break.


I have yet to do either el Rio del Tiempo or the American Adventure, believe it or not. And they are on my to do list. Unfortunately, they’re low down on the list.


The theme is completely different. Before rehab it resembled a travel ad for Mexico, now it’s the 3 Cabelleros and more light hearted, in my opinion. The films are different, the section with the dancing mannequins has some of the same features but some added ones as well. I don’t want to spoil all the surprises! :donald:
I think it’s a little more kid-friendly now. They also have 3 Cabelleros meet and greets (meets and greets?) outside the pavillion on a fairly regular basis.


Other than the fun theme change, you’ll still enjoy the same basic attraction. The boats and the “river” haven’t changed. The update was a positive thing.


the lines are still the same, but the ride is even more enjoyable than before


Wow I didn’t even know about the rehab sounds like I will enjoy it though.


The ride is still pretty much the same, but the film is cuter. The 3 Cabelleros are trying to find Donald. It’s a nice break in the A/C.


I’ve always enjoyed el Rio del Tiempo, and I think it’s even cuter since the rehab. It’s sort of Small World Mexican style.

I honestly am very surprised that you’ve never done these before, especially the American Adventure. It always makes me cry! :blush:


Or in the heat! I remember one January we were waiting for Illuminations to start and rode ERDT four times in a row to warm up!

When were there last (and it was closed for rehab) we found the 3 Caballeros outside doing a M&G.


It was cute our kids liked it. :slight_smile: I think they really liked seeing Donald so much.


I liked Rio Del Tiempo better before, actually…

American Adventure is very good. :slight_smile:



Although the new ride is really cute (and Disney themed!), I really missed the old El Rio Del Tiempo when I rode in August. I missed the people chasing you at the end like you’re at a flea market! I missed the divers going off that huge cliff into the beautiful water! I missed that song…I think they should have incorporated that song into the end. :crying:


They changed it from a REALLY dated travel promo into a Disney cartoon. I’ve got mixed feelings about the change. Much more kid friendly ride now - if they had just taken out those EVIL dolls that escaped from IASW! :eek:


See, the so called “EVIL” IASW dolls present in El Rio Del Tiempo don’t bother me! But I’m a IASW fan. Like you said, yes…it was a REALLY dated travel promo. But that’s what I loved about it! I will ride the “cartoon” version again, but I won’t ever love it like I loved the old ride. I still hear that old tune in my head…at least I can still listen to it on Live365. :cool: