Elephant Day?


I was just checking out the Calendar of Events at AllEars - we’ll be there Sept. 21 to 29. I see that on Sept. 26 the AK has “Elephant Day”. What the heck is Elephant Day?


…first I’ve heard of this…but I found this on the Disney Blog…

Wildlife Wednesdays: Do Elephants Drink Through Their Trunks? This and Other Questions Answered on Elephant Awareness Day, September 26, at Disney?s Animal Kingdom Disney Parks Blog

It’s Elephant Awareness Day I gather…I don’t see any “National Elephant Awareness Day” info for that date anywhere else so…I guess AK has just designated it…


OK:blink: Personally, I think it’s pretty hard NOT to aware of elephants - I mean - they are large. Rats, I was hoping to ride an elephant.:laugh:


I will be there the same time cool


DAK does some cool little events that aren’t very widely publicized. I worked Earth Day and Migratory Bird Day when I was on my Conservation Education internship in the spring - both were pretty awesome! They set up stations all over the park where you could do an activity or talk to a Cast Member and learn more about the topic of the day. (I should mention this was in 2011, things may be different now.)

There was also a Turtle Day that fell on a day when I was off work, so I don’t know too much about it, but I know there were events for that too. Vulture Awareness Day is in the fall, when I was a Kilimanjaro Safari driver… I’m not sure if there are park-wide events for that or not, but I did my part and pointed out the vultures during my safaris. :laugh:

EDIT: I forgot! I wrote up a little blog post while I was on my internship about the activities at Earth Day and Migratory Bird Day: Doing As Dreamers Do: A WDWCP&PI Blog: Epic Catch-Up Post


“Vulture Awareness Day”…now there’s a phrase you don’t hear often.:blink:




We will be there Sept 20-28th, too!


:laugh::laugh: So you are saying that you are always aware of the elephant int he room?:cool:


Globe Hippo Morning requires one to practical knowledge elephants with non-exploitive as well as environmentally friendly environments in which elephants could flourish under care as well as security.