Elevator Door Please Close....My Trip Report!


Hi Everyone!

I am home from an awesome, fantastic, incredible, super-di-duper vacation!

I am gonna tell you all about it…just not today!

Sorry, but I gotta down load my pics and get started but I took good notes and have about 350 pictures so I will get started soon!

Thanks to everyone at Mousebuzz that helped me plan a great trip!

Love, Lisa


Welcome back, I can’t wait to hear about your trip.


Oh, the torture… Glad you had a great trip. Please tell us about it ASAP!


Hey! that’s not fair. Now we wait, and wait, and wait :sad:


Hey Lisa! Were you guys at the Magic Kingdom last Monday? If so, I think I saw your DS. If not, your DS has a twin!


Welcome back Lisa, looking forward to it


Can’t wait to hear it!


Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


What’s up with “Elevator Door.” Do you have a story related to that? Can’t wait to hear!


Ok while she is getting organized, who wants to hear about how I re-organized my sock drawer over the weekend?


Sure, I have nothing to do for the next 7 seconds.:glare:

Lisa, Looking forward to pictures.:happy:


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1052057]Sure, I have nothing to do for the next 7 seconds.:glare:

Lisa, Looking forward to pictures.:happy:[/QUOTE]

7 Seconds? miss, I have an awesome collection of socks. Most that don’t match.


Is it time yet? I really, really, REALLY do not want to hear about Boss’ sock drawer again!:pinch:


I would like to see pictures of said socks. I bet there are some crazy pairings :wink:


No holes, tiny holes, small holes, medium holes…etc:laugh:


Yes we were! Where did you see him?



You guys are too funny! I have socks too…just very unorganized! Maybe I will slip a pic in!

I got my computer back last night. I am working tonight and tomorrow night but my plans for Friday night is to down load all of my pics and start the main TR! Woo hoo…I am so cool!



OMG! I thought you started!! You’re such a tease!


Pre Trip Info:

This trip came to be because my mom got hit by a bus.

Yep. She was in a car that was struck by a city bus where the bus driver fell asleep! That happened just a few months after all of her treatments for breast cancer! Yikes.

While recovering from a broken neck, back, ribs and finger she vowed that she was going to take her family to Disney World. She used it as her inspiration during therepy and after a long, hard road she is doing great! She can not turn her neck due to the “equipment” holding it together but she is not in pain. She does get tired rather quickly so she did rent a scooter.

Anyway…her settlement came in and she immediately set up a family meeting and we booked a trip for Friday, September 24th - Saturday, October 2nd staying at the Polynesian!

The cast of characters:

Myself: Lisa, 34 years old
DS: Tyler, 6 years old
DH: Rob, 35 years old
DBro: Bri, 31 years old
DSil: Sharon, 31 years old
DN1: Jacky, 9 years old
DN2: Pauly, 10 months old
DM: Nancy, Very Very Young :slight_smile:

We went on this trip with the frame of mind to take it easy, not plan too much and go with the flow! We got the free dining plan and we did have 1 ADR per day. Also, we attended MNSSHP and the Luau at the Poly.

We had a great time and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Thanks everyone for the interest and I will be back on Friday with all the cool stuff!



Can’t wait to hear more!