Ellen's Energy Adventure Refurbishment


I don’t know if you guys heard about this, but Ellen’s Energy Adventure is closed for a refurb. I was just wondering if you guys agree with me on this. I know this one of the Disney classics but to me and my family sometimes it’s just boring and long! I was hoping during this refurb that they would like totally change around the ride. In my opinion I believe it should be like a boat ride! When you walk in and get on line you can see the pre-show while your waiting for your boat. You know where she is in the Jeopardy match. Then I think when you board your boat you should be able to go through the ride. I don’t like watching the movie, then the ride… it’s just to long. I wouldn’t mind watching it if I was on line. It would be cool! Just my thoughts don’t get mad at me :P. Thanks and what do you think about it?

  • Justin


I actually like this ride. It was one of my favorites as a child (I liked dinosaurs). It’s a nice break from the heat and the crowds. Now, I will agree that it’s unnecessarily long. However, I appreciate the 45 minutes of air conditioning on a hot day.

I love the pre show. It’s adorable and so much better than the old one. Everything’s fine until after we see the animatronic dinosaurs. They could really trim the rest of the film down. It’s important stuff - just a little boring. He’s saying fact after fact after fact. If they added some new elements, it might spice up the show a little.

I do think that the length of the attraction might have something to do why it isn’t the most popular. I know they used to put 45 minute duration in the description on the park map, but they’ve since trimmed the park maps down to the bare minimum (it’s kind of funny how the park maps have evolved throughout the years… I remember when it was twice the size it is now), so I believe they’ve excluded that valuable piece of information.


I didn’t say I didn’t like it… It could just get boring out times. I agree that it needs something to spice it up. That’s why I came up with my boat idea LOL. For some weird reason I love boat rides in Disney :P.

  • Justy


I didn’t say that you said you didn’t like it. :laugh:

Not trying to be a hater, but I don’t think boats would work. The current theater seating that moves and splits apart is different (though it is rather annoying if you’re at the back while the theater is splitting apart)… every ride and its cousin has boats. And boats wouldn’t work with the current 360-degree screen layout - they’d have to completely change the ride. Not saying that would be a bad idea… I just don’t think Disney is going to put the money into doing that kind of refurb on the particular attraction - might as well create an entire new attraction (Is Bill Nye still popular with the kiddos?).


LOL I’m so confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… Your right about the boats. I just wish they would make it a little more interesting. IDK what it needs but it needs spice. I mean if Disney did spend the money on updating it… it might be a good ride and might pay off in the long run but not in these times.

(Does Bill Nye even have his show anymore? :P)


I actually really enjoy the movie then the ride and then another movie. It’s a nice long break from the Florida sun and I think Ellen is hilarious. I think it’s all pretty entertaining but I can see how a boat ride vehicle would make it just that much more interesting. I wonder what kind of update it’s getting?! Hopefully I’ll get to go in the fall and find out.

ETA: LittleMissMagic, you’re right…I totally forgot that the theater moves and splits and such. the boats wouldn’t work unless they changed the entire attraction. Maybe they should just leave it alone altogther! :wink:


We really like this ride. We make sure to go on it every time we’re in the World. It’s very informative, relaxing, and cool (when the weather outside isn’t). We’re off our feet for the duration of the show which never seemed overlong to me. I’ll be interested to see exactly what got refurbished.


We really like EEA - I admit it is long - but on a hot day or when it’s raining, it’s a great way to spend 45 minutes. My dh has his best naps in there.:laugh: I can’t see them changing the ride to the extent of putting boats in - it would be way too expensive. It’s been a long refurbishment - it was close when we were there the beginning of Feb.


OMG! Ellen’s Energy Adventure is one of my favorites! I can’t go to EPCOT without getting on it ATLEAST once! I’d seriously cry if it was gone. My whole family loves it.


I know I love going on it if we need a break but sometimes it just seems to long of a break and I think I had to pee once ROFL. Anyway, I just hope they can spice it up a little.

  • Justin


I think the animatronic Ellen is a little creepy looking, but I love the ride. I think it’s message about exploring different types of energy is still a timely topic. And besides, she likes my hair.


Ha LOL :P.

  • Justy


No, that’s mine she’s looking at - I mean - yours is cute - but…:laugh:


Yes that Ellen is creepy, and I don’t think necessary. I just recently went on this ride after a um 20 year hiatus . . . of course it was TOTALLY different back then. I think the old refurb is good, I like Ellen, and I think she is funny and spices it up . . . but either I remember the dinos being bigger and more of them (was the ride longer?) OR it was because I was a kid and it seemed that way? Anyway . . . DD9 liked it (she likes dinos) well, until the one shot us with water right in our ear! :laugh::laugh: After that she wasn’t too happy about it! :laugh::laugh:


how long will it be clsoed?


Isn’t it supposed to reopen next week?


I believe so.

  • Justy


I like this ride, but I agree that it’s a bit long. It keeps my attention up until you stop in that dark room with the radio waves coming off the antenna… and you basically sit in the dark and listen to Bill Nye ramble. I start to get fidgety.

I haven’t been on in a while. I’ll have to try it again after the refurb. Is this something major or just touching up some dino scales?


I don’t think they announced what they where doing… I hope a website has some like video of the new refurbs :P.

  • Justy


I remember the dinos being much larger and there being more of them too! Of course I was so young the first time I rode this…who knows!