Email Address?


Hi Everyone!

Hope you are having a Magical day!

I was wondering if anyone had an email address for the Disney Company?

I wanted to email them and tell them how much I actually liked the High School Musical 2 movie.

I can’t find an email for them.

Thanks so much.


I found this link:
Walt Disney World - Contact Us

Not sure if this is what you want though.

Just wanted to add that I really enjoyed it as well. Maybe I will send an e-mail too.


Thanks for the link. It did take me to the same place I’ve been before and each time I click on the link to send an email, it goes back to the first screen.:angry:

Oh well. I just wanted to let them know as a mom of two teenager daughters it was nice to see:
nicely dressed teens - no bikini’s that I saw , mostly tankini’s and one pieces
girls not hanging all over guys
no major ‘issues’ so to speak
kids actually being somewhat nice and listening to their parents

It was nice to just sit down and enjoy a fun musical with my kids.

Glad you enjoyed it too.