Email from Disney


Just got this from Disney…cool:smile:;996007;56897793;10;02&R=T1_Url12&A=1007



I think Disney World needs a new Vacation Planning Video, and they can use this as a jump off! I have not cared for the latest versions, I want to see more of the “magic”…not something that shows Disney has the “cool factor” :cool: like the latest version. Know what I mean? :wink:


I agree… they need a new video


R2G, thanks for sharing. I am such a sucker for Disney! That totally brought tears to my eyes! :crying: I want to go to Disneyland now!


My DS and I have been looking at this for the last 2 days!! :wub:


You only have 17 days!!! YAY! :happy:


Awwwwwwww!! Pretty!!
Thanks for sharing!


This is so cool!!! And, yes, I can hardly wait for the new video (they’ve updated the 2006 one to include new info on EE, btw. They’ve also toned down some of the cutsiness)


Thanks for sharing R2G…very cool.


I liked the last video. It always makes me smile. But I am in need of a new one. Hurry up disney, we need a new fix!


Cool email! Where’s mine??? I also agree. WDW is in desperate need of a new planning video. The old ones were so great. They made me want to hop the next plane to Orlando. This latest one makes me still want to go to orlando, but made me hope to God I didn’t run into that dork on the video. I am talking about the “teen”. Holy cow…he was obnoxious…who talks like that? My DD thought he was a mega dork. I love the way the older version actually made you get tears in your eyes. The only tears I got with this latest one was from laughter at how stupid it was. :angel:


I do agree that the thrill ride guy was annoying. He talked like Cody on Step by Step. Dude, totally, fer sure. Yeah that was annoying.


I think it was insulting to teens everywhere. Fer sure is SO 80’s .


I got that email too. So nice. I believe it was signing up for the Million Dreams contest and checking a box at the end.


You’re talking about Luke and YES he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING!!! LIKE, FER SURE!!! And the guy sleeping on all of the park benches…OK, I know WDW CAN be relaxing, but come on! Where is the MAGIC??? I L :heart: VE the “Where Magic Lives” planning DVD and although it is so outdated, it REALLY makes me tear up :crying: .


Thanks Ready2Go!


Go to the site and enter you email address in the places it gives you and you should get the email the next day or so. :smile:


Is that the 2002 one? That one is a tear jerker…I can’t even get through it without getting happy tears…I think I may have to whip them out tomorrow. :crying:

Thanks for the link Ready2go…I will enter my email.