Email offers while at WDW?


Hello experts! We leave in 4 days!! I just received an email from Disney Destinations saying that I would receive emails from them while on our trip - including special offers that may expire before checkout.

Anyone have experience w/this? We were not planning on bringing our laptop - cost of internet access seems pretty excessive, but we can get a great deal out of it, I would consider paying for a day or two.



Can you have someone check your email for you an let you know if something comes up? I would have whoever is housitting or a friend check it -but I am a cheapskate!
Also, I would not want to be checking email on vacation!
But a good deal would be hard to ignore.
What a teaser!


I may do that - have someone else check email for me. Hate to spend $10/day for internet just on the chance they MAY offer some kind of deal.
Doesn’t seem fair!


Let us know if you get a pin code while on vacation. That would be a new one to me! :slight_smile:


Will do! I’m curious to see what happens.
Here is what their email said:

Since we want to help you get the most magic out of your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation, we’re planning on staying in touch by emailing you special offers and more while you’re here! For example:

We’ll share special offers available to you only while you’re visiting. Some expire upon check-out, so be sure to check your email often so you don’t miss out! TIPS…
Get handy tips to help you enjoy the magic. FUN THINGS TO DO…
Receive recommendations tailored to your travel party.

If you do not want to receive emails promoting these special offers and tips at this email address during your Walt Disney World vacation, just click the link below. Clicking this link will only opt you out of email communications during your vacation.

Has anyone else had this experience??


Well I’m glad I didn’t spend the $10/day for internet! The offer I was emailed is the same as the one left on the table in our room - up to 40% off room rates:

Get 35% off a select Disney Moderate Resort
Save 35% off the non-discounted price for stays most nights 1/18/10— 2/11/10, 2/15/10—3/27/10, 4/11/10—7/1/10, 7/5/10—11/23/10 and 11/28/10—12/24/10 at select Disney Moderate Resorts.

Get 40% off at Disney’s Wilderness Cabins
Save 40% off the non-discounted price for stays most nights 1/18/10—2/11/10, 2/15/10—3/27/10, 4/11/10—7/1/10, 7/5/10—11/23/10 and 12/17/10—12/24/10 in a cabin at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

Get 20% off a select Disney Value Resort
Save 20% off the non-discounted price for stays most nights 1/18/10—2/11/10, 2/15/10—3/27/10, 4/11/10—7/1/10, 7/5/10—11/23/10, 11/28/10—12/1/10 and 12/4/10—12/24/10 at select Disney Value Resorts.

We did not book a trip - I will hold out for a better offer.


Good choice! Still not a bad offer if you can’t find another but I have seen better too :slight_smile:
Did they email any “and more!” information? Like they indicated?


Just one other email about using Photopass. Definately not worth the cost of internet access! I guess if you have a blackberry it would be nice…

When we checked in (I used online check-in so all our stuff was ready) the room wasn’t ready yet - it was about 12:30p.m. We went to get lunch at the resort and they sent me a text with my room # when it was ready - before we finished lunch. I had already received our passes, etc., so we could then go straight to our room.

What did we all do before internet and text messages???