Emails and home mailings from WDW


I was wondering why I never receive any mailings Email or snail mail related to WDW for promotions discounts or special things. My friend just got a Email and she has never been to WDW. My grandmom last year got a mailing with Bambi and thumper with a discount code and so did my sister. They dont have any Disney credit cards and they have never been to WDW unless with me on my reservation. Now for me… I have been a zillion times and spent a zillion dollars and never received anything. How can I get the scoop?


Disney is trying to entice people that have never been…so they send out random offers to potential new customers. Seems like they know they have you/us so they don’t have to send offers to people that book a lot or are already booked.

Just a guess.


Wouldnt they want to give guest that spend alot an incenticve or something? This makes me wonder now…


Peppertink is right, I think the more you go the fewer offers you are going to get. My DILs haven’t been to WDW in a couple of years so they got a pin code postcard last fall.


I must agree. When we first started going, we could always get a great deal on resort stay with a promotional code. I don’t even think those exist anymore. We also would receive mailings with good offers, but no longer. I guess they know we are hook, line, and sinker.


I see a pattern also. My Boss got an offer and also my Mom, and both have only been to Disney once. My assumption is typical marketing strategy. They already have us hooked, so they go for the newbies, to hook them also.


Okay I’ve decided that I deserve some special offers now…I went on a 4-year WDW hiatus! :laugh:


I dont go alot nor spend alot of $$, so I guess that’s why I got something in the mail (at my old address! :confused: ),
for 30 % off bookings!!!

here’s what mine says:

"30% off a Disney stay! And you’ve got 7 Great times to shoot for!
You can save 30% off per night, plus tax, at select Disney Value resorts in a standard room. And there are other Resort room types available, including Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts, at varying rates. Ask about them when you call to book your vatcation!

You’ll find special events and new attractions taking place during every one of those seven special times! And because of the usually shorter lines and comfortable weather, these times are when you could enjoy the Disney experience most!

To get this offer and take advantage of the times you want, call 407-939-7739.
But Hurry! You must book before March 31, 2008!"

For Stays Most Nights
1/6-1/17 & 1/20-1/31/08
2/24- 3/5/08
8/10 - 9/27/08
12/7 - 12/17/08


That sounds a lot like the bounce back offer we had in our room at POR last month. It was a good offer but all the dates were during times we can’t go so we didn’t worry about it. I didn’t feel too bad because we already had our summer trip booked at BCV on points so we couldn’t apply the code to that stay even if it was valid then.


Do they have a code on there that you are wiling to share:blush:


Does Disney regularly offer bounceback offers? I’m wondering if there will be one available when we go…that would be an amazing help to our tentative September plans…


Those codes are person specific most of the time and have a pin code…no luck Kate. You can try of course,but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I won’t ever get a discount from them…not in the mail, not anything. They know I’ll be back regardless…lol


Yeah!!! The bounce back offer was no good for us either!

They didnt have anything close to the time I was going in Oct/Nov!!!


I thought maybe the code has something to do with my zip code or something!

They know I’ll be back too that’s whY Iam surprised!!!

But come to think of it, this is my old address (ex’s), and I have NEVER booked anything living there! :glare:


We never got a promotion sent to us either?


They know Im a sucker. :laugh:


We had one sent to us, awhile ago, but I guess they know we will be back so they don’t need to send us offers either.