Emamasa's itinerary


so…2 more weeks!!! i can’t wait!! here is our itinerary - i plan to have my red mickey head on my black sling-y type bag. it’s me, DH, DD6 & DD3 - we have a blue double stroller. if you are there at the same time as us and recognize us, feel free to say hi! i tend to be clueless sometimes, so i may not recognize anyone!! sorry!

Friday 09/21 - arrive MCO 9am. ME to POP, go to DTD, eat lunch at rainforest cafe, pool, resort hop, maybe go to GF for the pictures with photopass, order pizza in room.

saturday 09/22 - MK!! lunch at caseys or columbia harbor house, dinner at whispering canyon.

sunday 09/23 - epcot!! lunch at marrakesh, dinner at maya grill

monday 09/24 - MGM (pm emh) - lunch & dinner counter services - maybe ABC, pizza planet, or ??? we may stay a bit for emh, depending on how tired we are! or we may go to DTD for WPE or earl and then go back to MGM later.

Tues 09/25 - MK (for a few hours in the morning), DTD for lunch at earl and shopping, back to resort to rest/swim, may hit mk again if lots of energy, dinner at Ohana (watch wishes from beach i hope).

wed 09/26 - sleep in a bit, dtd or pool, lunch at pepper market maybe ( still open plan), AK (emh night) and boma for dinner.

thurs 09/27 - epcot!! lunch at akershus (the girls don’t know we are going there or that there are princesses there!) and dinner at lecellier. stay for illuminations

fri 09/28 - little ones EMH in the morning, pool, dtd for lunch at WPE, MK around 4, MNSSHP dinner counter service (cosmic ray’s or casey’s or columbia harbor house?)

Sat 09/29 - checkout day - EPCOT - hit soarin, shop a bit, go to food and wine festival for lunch. head back to pop to get bags and be picked up by aunt to go to grandma’s for the afternoon/night

sun 09/30 - fly home!

it seems like i have all my plans ready to go - we’ll see!! i am trying not to be too rigid, other than adr’s of course. we aren’t hoppers, so we’ll just play it by ear as to how long we stay and if we leave and come back. we are commandos, so it shouldnt be a problem!!


Sounds fannntasstiiiiic!! I agree with your statement about not being too rigid… but we all know how Disney is… you gotta have a plan… and you’ve got a good one! Have fun!


Sounds like good planning. How exciting that you’re almost to single digits!!


That’s Great!!!Sound’s like you have everything plan.


Sounds great to me… got room for me… ???


Sounds good to me! You are going to be a busy bunch! Can’t wait to see the pictures!! Make sure you get some good ones of the girls at Akershus! Those will be great!:heart:


Your plans look great! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!


Great plans! What time are you picking me up? :laugh:


Sounds like a great plan! I really can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Your girls are going to have such a good time.

So, do you go to one park each day? I am really considering doing daily passes vs. hopper passes to save money and I feel pretty sure that it will work out fine based on our schedules (and giving the kids a few breaks here and there).


yep, we just do one park a day. i think hopping would be good if it were just the 2 of us, but the kids would be over stimulated. not that i am the kinda mom that is all obsessed about that stuff…just that i know my kids and they would be constantly arguing over lets go here…lets go here now…but she picked last time…too much to choose from kinda things. that’s why i like one park a day, and a basic outline of what to hit 1st, etc. then the girls know that they will get to do what they want, and when (well…sort of when, it is all dependent on circumstance).

i will have lots of pics & photopass pics (we did the prebuy thing)! lots of food pics, i promise!!


I think we will go that route too.

Are you really thinking about going to the GF for the photopass thing? I think that will really give you BANG for your buck. I CANNOT wait to see all of your pictures!!!