Embroidered Mouse Ears discontinued?


I read on All Ears (sigh yes, Robert, I can read)
that WDW will stop embroidering names on ears. Can anyone confirm this? If so, I will need to place a rather large order.


First the Nestle cookies and now this…


Trying to confirm the rumour Dais, it may not be true.


Hey!!! that bums me out :crying:


They don’t embroider for free anymore.


I read (YES Robert) - I read - they will stop the $2.00 stitching all together. It also says it has already stopped in DL - can anyone confirm that part?


Man that stinks! I hope it isn’t true!


They were still embroidering at DL a couple of weeks ago. In fact I noticed that they weren’t doing them by hand(the CM’s used to do it using the embroidery machine) but that they had a fancy schmancy embroidery machine doing it automatically. Maybe that’s what they are talking about?


We had a set done in July, and they used the machine to do it. I am sure someone has done this since us and will stop by to let us know.


What!!! I am sorry…but to ME and I am sure a lot of other people in the world…the mickey ears with your name on the back is sort of iconic!! I really hope that’s a rumor!!


I will have to 411 come Saturday. But I have been assured the rumour is false. No true. So in essence, I am killing my own thread here, aren’t I?



When I read it on All Ears, this is what I took it to mean. That they will not be using the old hand embroidery machines anymore, but that it will be done automatically with the use of computer embroidery machines. It’s always been fascinating to watch them do it by hand, so it still will be kind of sad to see that go.


I hope that rumor is false!!


Allison (Asp8tis) is correct. It will be the more automated machines

Sorry for the confusion. We now take you back to your …


Leave it up to you to put the entire site on alert :tongue:


I think he was just bored the day he posted this…tried to stir things up…:glare:


No I wasn’t, 'Tink. It was a for-true concern.
See if I tell YOU anything again. Like about me being in a parade or sumtin.


I dare ya to try and not tell about things. I dare ya :ph34r:


Not you - just the hula hooch


A for-true concern huh? OK, fine, I believe you…
Wait…if I take that back does it mean you won’t be floatin’ and gloatin’?:huh: :laugh: