Emerald Isle


101 days and counting!:happy: Anybody else out there going to Ireland this summer?


Nope :sad: but you will love it :smile:


My DW and I honeymooned in Ireland. We had the best time.
My father was born in Limerick so I have the Irish heritage.
We stayed in Bed & Breakfasts the whole time.

We made a reservation for the first and last nights. Our plan was to land in Limerick and stay the first night in Bunratty. Then we rented a clown car, small, and drove around for 11 days. Every morning the owner of the Bed & Breakfast would ask us where we were going and she would make a suggestion and make the reservation for us.

This Thursday 4/17, is our 15th anniversary.

We would love to go back again. The people were the friendliest and the Guinness was Brilliant.

Have a wonderful trip.


Hi Dopey and gbcdad! :mickey:

Thanks for the trip endorsements. And, Happy 15th Anniversary! :flowers: DH and I will celebrate our 20th in June. No special plans for the date as Ireland awaits and we visited WDW at Easter. :whistling I’m feeling spoiled this year.

What about you? Any special anniversary plans?

I loved your story about your honeymoon in Ireland. What a magical trip for newlyweds. Can’t wait to sample Guinness on the island and enjoy the legendary hospitality. Cheers!


I would love to get to Ireland sometime. :pirate:

It is my understanding the Guinness tastes so much better over there! :happy:


You’re gonna just love the prices!:eek:

Take plenty of the folding stuff. You’ll need it!!!


Is it expensive? Ireland shows an advertisement here saying how cheap it is!:huh:

I’d love to visit Ireland. It looks so - Irish…


Well, I’m all booked…no backing out now. Looks like I’m in for a soaking, am I? :ohmy:

I did a little bit of quick research. Dublin is apparently the 4th most expensive city in the world–Zurich, Switzerland is 3rd. :blink: In 2006, Dublin ranked 13th. Talk about inflation!

You can check out a cost of living comparison chart at this link: Monster.ie: Working & Living in Ireland - Finance and Taxation - Cost of Living Comparisons

Of course, that info is a bit dated (year 2000). Here’s some info I found on a forum, from December 2007:

Dublin is one of the most expensive cities on the planet! A cup of coffee will cost you E2+! A packet of cigarettes is E7, and a pint of lager E4.50. Petrol is currently about E1.15 per litre.

Today’s trading shows 1 Euro = $1.56 USD; so coffee looks to be upwards of $3.00 USD/cup. And a pint of lager will run about $7 USD. :confused:


Yowza! Maybe I don’t want to go to Ireland after all.:ohmy:


About six generations ago, two of my great great…whatever grandparents left Ireland and settled in Liverpool. I now carry their surname. I figured if it was that good they’d have stayed there. I have no interest at all in the place. If you’re in Dublin watch out for gangs of drunken English men and women on stag and hen weekends. That seems to be the only reason anyone goes there as far as I can see.

Jump a plane to Liverpool and see a proper city!! I’ll buy you a nice cup of tea and show you around. It’s only a 40 minute flight from Dublin to Liverpool.

And boy! Is it expensive?? Not arf!! I heard that a pint of that Guinness stuff (why anyone would want to drink it is way beyond me) is as much as £5 a pint. That’s 10 bucks!!:eek:

However, I will see Ireland in July. From 35000 feet on my way to Florida!!:laugh:


Luckily we won’t be in Dublin on the weekend…we’ll be on the move by then.:happy:

Wouldn’t you be surprised if we did show up in Liverpool…:laugh: We’re actually spending some time in London (another expensive city!) prior to our Emerald Isle tour. Liverpool will have to wait, I guess. :pinch:

Congrats on your July Florida trip…going to the World, then are ya?


If you can’t do Liverpool, London’s not a bad alternative. Great city to visit. I love going there almost as much as coming back home!:laugh:



I would love to go. My wife made me promise we will go, but this year is out. Maybe next. But I wanna do the Disney Cruise soon too. ****!!!


Zombie Thread…

I’m going the the Emerald Isle at MCO next week to pick up my rental car from National. Does that count? :laugh:


I’m gonna get a beer at Raglan Road in a couple of months - that’s close, right?