Emergency meeting spots -- need a new EC place!


At each park, we have one emergency meeting spot that we have all agreed to go to if any of us ever becomes lost. A place that any CM could take the kids to, without any confusion. We actually used it once at MK!

At MK, we would meet at the Sword In The Stone.
At MGM, we would meet at the ATAT walkers by Star Tours.
At AK, we would meet at the bridge over Kali River Rapids.

But at EC, we would have gone to the Beauty and the Beast topiaries… which weren’t even in the France gardens last time we went!!! So we need a new spot that’s easy to find! Any suggestions?


how about the pin station or the Fountain in Future world


This is a great idea, MissDisney. My parents had some meet up spots with us too, but luckily we never needed to use them.

What about the little African outpost they have in world showcase? It’s kind of out of the way, but it’s small and it would be easy to see anyone who was waiting for you. My first thought was the info boards right in the center of Epcot that tells the wait times for everything, but those are in a circle and kind of has heavy traffic.


How about the Nemo statue near the Living seas or the new Coca Cola Club Kool!


How about the miniature train set in Germany at WS?


As long as your kids know what to do, you won’t have a problem no matter where you pick. Karlie got separated from us on splash mt. last trip. She went into the bathroom and out a different door (why do they do that?) anyway, she went right to a cast member and told them she was lost. I went to the first store at the top by splash mt. and they brought her right to me. The funny thing was she said the CM took her to where other lost parents were and I wasn’t there. The cm’s in that area must take children to a close by area first before taking them all the way to the baby center (which is where lost kids generaly go). I’m not confident that she’d be able to make her way to a landmark herself, but she knows to ask a CM.


I like cheryl’s suggestion of the fountain.


Oh i love that one - one of our favorite spots!


Yes! These are all great ideas!

I will give the kids these suggestions and let them choose… I will let you know which one they pick!

Thanks everyone!


I wouldn’t make it in either WS or FW, mainly because it’s a really long walk… Say you get seperated near Living Seas… Well, if the meeting place is way on the other side of WS, that’s quite a haul… I’d make it somewhere right in the middle. Maybe meet on a bench on the bridge between WS and FW. It just seems like a more central meeting spot would make it easier for y’all if you ever needed to use it…


OK Kids… (drum roll please!) I gave them your ideas and… My DS and DD chose Ice Station Cool, and you can probably guess why! So they can drink their fill of soda while they wait for us to find them! Too funny!

This year is more important than others for the emergency meeting place, because it will be the firs ttime we let the kids wander by themselves! A few rules:

– We will all be a the same park, and the two of them have to STAY TOGETHER!
– Only can do this at MGM and EC.
– Each kid has to have a cell phone in their pocket or fanny pack.
– Time limits! Each kid needs a watch!

It’s scary, but it’s time to let them do this! Keep your fingers crossed!


I hope everything works out,MD.


I’m sure y’all came to this decision mostly because of my WONDERFUL and very thought-provoking post… :wink:

It sounds like a good plan to me.


Ha ha! WARNING: If anyone sees a couple of teens roaming freely, they might be mine!!!

Approach with caution! If necessary, they can be subdued with Coca-Cola or churros! Keep fingers away from their teeth! Usually spotted hanging out by TestTrack!


ROFL! You’re funny, MissDiss.

I like the Ice Station cool idea…that was a good one.

THey were all good, but free soda rocks.


I’m with Erin on that one. It is nice and central too everything too.
Yeah free soda!!!


Ariel, my girl!! :c) Let’s go get some free soda and MissDiss’s Super SEcret Meeting Place for the Lost!


I am SOOOOOOOO there! I must make it a point to ‘get lost’ more often! :laugh:


I am thirsty alread! Anyone for a tall, refreshing Beverly??? Mmmmmmm!


me!me!me! ill bring the chips! … feels like we should start a new ‘DC day out’ thread in Chit chat! :whistling ( see you there in 5! ) :happy: