EMH at Hollywood Studios-Is TSM now on the list?


I was checking the calendar for EMH and it shows a list of what attractions are open . . . either it hasn’t been updated or TSM is not one of them??

Does anyone know? Thanks!


It was open when we did EMH a few weeks ago.


Now there is the answer I want to hear . . . THANKS!!! :wub:


That makes me happy as well.


Awesome, hopefully they keep it on for EMHs for good!


It was open for EMH when we were there in early June.


It was the only ride I rode for nearly an hour during the EMH when I was there last month. Of course, there weren’t any lines so I rode it 7 times. The neat thing was that the EMH coincided a late night for the MK, so the place was a ghost town.


I can’t see it not being open. It is the attraction with the worst lines in DHS right now, with lines stretching 90 minutes and more. It’s currently the marquee attraction in DHS, so it will be included.


It was open for us as well. In fact most of the park was in that line.


TSM = ?
Little help here people. throw me a bone, please.


Toy Story Mania!:laugh:


A thousand 'Thank you’s, my dear.


That’s good to hear!!


Toy Story Mania is my new favorite ride!! Please note: When we were there for morning EMH on June 16th (a monday) the wait was already 70 minutes at 8:15am. Fortunately fast passes were for 9:30 so we took those. We did have to wait a bit in the fast pass line. We exited the ride at about 10:15am and the fast pass return time at that time was 3-4pm. People were running from the park enterance to the fast pass machines. It was quite funny to watch!! Be prepared to wait even if you get there early and even if you have a fast pass- BUT IT IS SOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!


The web postings on EMH has been up longer that the ride has been open. That’s probably all it is.


It’s our FAVORITE ride too!!! :heart:

And since we don’t normally do EMH at HS, cuz most of the rides my girls don’t like . . . if this is open, it will be worth staying for!! :wub:



At least it’s siphoning riders away from ToT, although wait times on the Coaster were anywhere from 30-60 minutes.