EMH in winter months?


When my family went to WDW last June we planned our days according to the EMH (even though those days are busiest). Do the parks do EMH during January and February? I’ve read those are slower months so would we really benefit from working this into our schedule? Also does anyone know when the crowd levels might be available for next year? I’m very impatient and want to start detailed planning. I don’t think it’s ever to early to plan.

Thanks for info.

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Yes, they do. The schedule stays just about the same all year round. Crowd levels also don’t change much from year to year, so President’s Day weekend will always be crowded, etc.


We’ve been twice at the end of Jan. and early Feb. We used EMH both times and had a ball!
Last trip we were able to do just about everything in Fantasyland before the park “officially” opened. Peter Pan, Dumbo, Snow White, Pooh, Tea Cups, IASW, Mickey’s Philharmagic and the carousel.
After waiting an hour once for Peter Pan, DH swore we would never ride it again unless we could walk right on.
Also, crowds were very light both times we went in Jan/Feb. So go ahead w/your planning and have fun!!!


EE are not that important in the winter months unless you are going the second week of February. I would try to go the last week of January. It’s perfect. Everything is a walk on. As for the crowd reports, you can easily use this year’s as a guide. They don’t vary to much.


The crowds are lighter in January especially. It’s our favorite time to go. EMH is great then too, because there will be even less people there. Also, for AK lovers, since it gets dark earlier at that time of year, you get to see that park after dark and it’s especially beautiful then