EMH pm question


I am trying to figure out our EMH evenings.

So I look at the park hours (august 24th) extra magic evening at the MK.

The park hours show till 10 pm.
Now does that mean that is when the EMH starts (10 pm)?
If so when can you see when it is over?
I’d really like to know how long the parks will be open.



From my understanding EMH can last up to 3 hrs. So if the park closes to general admission at 10 pm… EMH will probably last until 1 am.


Daisee is right, evening EMH last 3 hours after the park closes.


8 PM closing means EMH ends at 11 PM.
9 PM closing means EMH ends at Midnight.
10 PM closing means EMH ends at 1 AM.
11 PM closing means EMH ends at 2 AM.
Midnight closing means EMH ends at 3 AM.
1 AM closing(usually only during Christmas week) means EMH ends at 4 AM!!!


Wow! I would like to see the park at that time.


I would love to have EMH until 4 am. As long as I didn’t have ds with me. It would take him weeks to recover from that madness.


4:00am:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: !!! As fun as that sounds I’d probably fall asleep on one of the rides!!:laugh:


OMG I don’t know if I could stay awake that long either :eek:


We LOVE the night time EMH’s!!! We just adjust our sleep schedule to “Disney Time” when we go and stay out late EVERY night…we just sleep in the next day and do it all over again. We love late nights in the parks, just seems more magical to us with all the lights, etc. Plus alot of folks leave the parks…the parties that have little kids and older folks, so the crowds thin out. This last trip (May/June) we were in the parks until 2-3am. It’s great, so much cooler and no sunscreen needed!! Our kids have always adjusted well too…as long as they have 8 hours of sleep on vacation, they do just fine.


OK, that 1 AM closing is the MK on Dec 30 with an 8 AM EMH the next morning.
Basically, the monorails and buses just about keep running. IF Disney Transport runs 2 hours after close and one hour before open, they would stop running at 6 AM and start back up at 7.


Well, that’s what naps are for. That’s also what insomnia’s for.


I just checked the schedule for Xmas week in Magic Kingdom and it says 11pm park close . . . so that would mean 2am . . . which is still good.

4am . . . haven’t done that since college!! :blush:


When you look on the calendar, click on the link that says Extra Magic Hours, at the top of that page Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .

It says this:

Each day one of the Disney Theme Parks opens an hour early or stays open up to three hours after regular Park closing, so Disney Resort Guests* can enjoy easy access to select attractions — even the most popular ones! With Extra Magic Hours, you can make the most of your vacation time and see and do everything at an easy, relaxed pace.

If you want to take advantage of this benefit and have a Magic Your Way Base Ticket, your Theme Park selection must be the Park offering the Extra Magic Hours benefit that day. Remember, you can only visit one Theme Park per day with the Magic Your Way Base Ticket. To get the most out of the Extra Magic Hours benefit, just add the Park Hopper® Option to your ticket. Then you can go from Theme Park to Theme Park on the same day, including whichever Park has Extra Magic Hours.

To take advantage of Extra Magic Hours at the Water Parks, you must have a Resort I.D. and the Water Park Fun & More Option on your Magic Your Way Ticket or a One Day Water Park Ticket for the Park offering the Extra Magic Hours benefit that day.

If you scroll down to August, you will see what parks have am and pm hours, and then closer to the bottom it tell you what attractions are running during these times as well.


It’s from 10pm - 1am…I may be there as it’s my first day in WDW and I am thinking about trying to make the EMH at MK.


The parks are nice at night. However, you might look into hopping away from that park until the start of EMH or avoiding entirely. For example…on 8/12 MK is open to midnight. Epcot has EMH to Midnight (9pm to 12am). There will be alot of people at Epcot hoping to take advantage of the EMH. MK should see smaller crowds than on their own EMH, so better touring for you.


I love to be there till 4 AM. Splash mountain and tomorrowland all night!!<33


Amanda, I can’t tell you how many times Space Mountain has broken down an hour before the EMH ended and it never reopens once that happens. The upside is you can ride TTC and see Space Mountain’s insides all lit up from the worklights.
Well, maybe I can tell you. I think it’s about 5 times now.
Splash? I’ve got a picture of me, all alone in a boat on Splash and it was late during a Halloween Party. I’ve also closed Big Thunder a bunch of times, that is, rode right up until closing.


My first night there in August in MK EMH-park closes at midnight, and we expect to stay until 3am…that should work out nicely with our 3am wake-up that morning to catch our 6am flight-after a long day of travel, who wouldn’t want to stay awake from tired delerium and hang out at the Magic Kingdom until 3am?!:laugh: :eek: We certainly do!! Can’t wait:laugh: