EMH Question?


We are heading up for the weekend. Friday (kids have NO SCHOOL!) our passes are blacked out, so I thought we’d relax by the pool, maybe go to DDT, bed early and up for rope drop EMH . . . so here is my question?

Both MK and AK have early EMHs . . . both regular opening times are 8am . . . so what does this mean? The park opens at 7am? :confused:

Thanks! :happy:


On the cast website it has EMH for Saturday at both MK and AK from 7-8am. MK reg hours from 8am-12pm, AK reg hours from 8am-8pm.

Have fun! :cool:


Wow so they do start that early . . . GREAT! Thanks. :happy:


Have a great time! I would pick MK EMH since I think that early hour there can make a big difference :slight_smile:


Yes, if the regular opening is scheduled for 8 AM, then the morning EMH will be from 7-8. Also, over Christmas, MK was scheduled to be open until 1 AM with a 3 hour EMH following, so it was open until 4. Even more nuts was there was a 7 AM EMH scheduled the next morning, meaning MK never really closed down.


I would definitely go with the MK EMH :wink:


I was told by a CM last week that EMK is one hour prior and 2 to 5 hours pm - depending on the time of year


I would probably choose the MK EMH and ride the big rides until our legs went wobbly!


I’m thinking, 7:00 a.m? :eek: I am not an early bird on vacation. I don’t think even the Happiest Place on Earth would entice me out of bed at the hour that would be required to be at any park by 7:00 a.m.

I hope you get to one of them though.


Well, with two DDs 4 and 8 we don’t do the big rides, and we’ve done MK EMH so many times, I was thinking it would be so cool to go on the Safari that early, see the sun rise, and I’m sure the animals are super active . . . that is about the only ride open for EMH we would do!

But if that’s finished around 9am, we could get some breakfast and then head on the train out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch!

And for ALL THE TIMES I have been to AK, I HAVE never ventured into Asia . . . never!?!? We just never make it over there . . . so we thought we’d do that then go over to the Studios, catch Block Party, see the new Playhouse Disney, then head back for lunch, a nap and then go to MK since it’s open until Midnight!! :happy: We are only there two days (our Aps are blacked out on Friday) so we gotta pack it all in!! :blush:


If you can get on the safari during that first hour, perhaps even riding twice, I’d say it’s worth it.


I agree!! :happy:


I am going to go with AK EMH as I think the park is a bit more ‘alert’ first thing in the morning. Both parks are great first thing either way.


Have a great time this weekend! I look foward to reading your TR


Thanks! It’s going to be a jammed packed two days! :happy: Just hope the weather breaks . . . it was 44 degrees this am!! BRRRRRRR!!!


Looks like you have a plan! I bet it would be awesome to be at Ak in the early am. Have fun!


I only wish my family would see things your way, because I work 3rd shift and I am most definetly not a morning person, I think vacation is totally about relaxation!:blush: :blush: :phone: :phone: