EMH september


I am trying to find the extra magic hours for our trip in september i went on the disney site and did a serch nothing came up anybody know where else i can look.:confused:


Try the link below.

Extra Magic Hour


thanks bunches Im printing it out.:laugh:


And at check in . . . have them print out the event/show times for all the parks for the week . . . really helps in planning!! :laugh:


thanks will do i just made myself a note on our schedule.


see this is why I love this place. I didn’t know they did this.

Fetish Shemale


allears.net’s schedule is a bit easier to follow…try printing that one. Go to the main page and then theme parks. The park hours’ link will be on your left. you are able to have the park times for each park, EMH’s and parade/showtimes on one page instead of multiple pages…makes more sense if you are printing it out.


You dear Dana are a vertible fountain of much needed information and assistance to the rest of us. thank you for your help.