We had to change our hotel dates at the last minute and now the only EMH is on the day we leave. We still plan on going to Mk that last day, but I am hoping we can get in for EMH since we have never attended one. Has anyone went to an EMH on their checkout day? If so how did you do it? Thanks,


You can have your resort store you luggage and carry on as usual. When it’s time to leave, just return to the resort and catch the ME (if you’re using it). Your dining plan - if you have one and your ticket are good till midnight of your last day.



Reading this is making me sad. It seems like EMH are becoming less and less. Nothing like “owning” the park for three hours at night (oh, correction, they’ve reduced it to two hours…are you seeing a pattern here?). You feel awful special during that night time fun. I just don’t want that to go away, and are always worried that it will.


Is there a special entrance for those participating for EMH in the morning? Do you show your room key to enter?


Yes, there will be a sign over the turnstile that says “Resort Guest Entry” or something of the like, and you show your room key.


Agreed. I love it as a perk for resort guests, and would hate to see it reduced9as it has been) or eliminated. I always feel extra special when I use it.


When EMH first began it really WAS special. There weren’t as many Disney resorts and the Parks were literally empty. It was wonderful. It’s still pretty good, but with more resorts come more people. Those first years were really something magical.


I agree…it really felt like a “perk” for staying onsite back then…now there are so many onsite guests it has lost its luster for us…we go to an opposite park now where the crowds are less…


That’s exactly what we do too.