EMH....Morning or Night?


We have only ever done the evening hours never the mornings. Are we missing something? Or is it just better to get those extra:sleeping: I love being in the parks late or later at night and DDs enjoy the extra surprises like the dance party at the Playhouse in DHS.


I think only for AK I would but the others it’s so much better in the evening for so many reasons. Like more hours that are extra, Fireworks, exploring at night has that “feeling” (or maybe it’s just me), sleeping in on vacation is the best, I like taking my time in the am…
Anyone anymore?
Yeah, I’m an evening EMH person!


We’re the late EMH’ers…love nighttime WDW!


Same for us! DD and DH are not early risers sadly so its always night time for us.


The morning EMH ar really good for mega-riding the big attractions. It’s nice to be able to get on everything quick and ride a lot. But there really isn’t a whole lot of extra atmosphere stuff going on.


We are up way to early with 2 little kids so we always try to do the mornings. We get all the long wait rides done and then if we have the strength, we will go back later to a park that has evening EMH. On my next trip, I think MK is opened until 3am. I am going to try to do this EMH by myself- once kids and hubby are tucked into bed!!


I prefer the night EMHs because I think being in the parks later at night is the most magical BUT we do get up early during busy times of the year to do those morning EMHs, you can get a lot done!


I would have to agree with the evening hours. My children are definitely at the ages where getting up early is so difficult (even for school :laugh::laugh:!). We like the nighttime atmosphere and everything just seems to be a bit more magical.


I’ve always found the night time ones to be much more crowded than the AM ones.


I do both, but like the morning ones better. I can get more done in that single hour than during the three at night. People are less willing to get up early and they are not nearly as crowded as the evening ones. You have to use fast passes and wait WAYY longer at night.


Like Dana, we do a combination of morning and night EMH. We tend to do MK both early and late. The morning is great for the big attractions with out long waits, and the evening hours are great for just strolling around. We have done the morning hours for AK and HS as we tend to make these parks half day parks. We love the night EMH at EPCOT.


:sleeping:I think we may try one morning this trip, probably the MK

DDs are latenighters. Last time they were still going strong at 1am in MK:blink: They were 4 and 5 at the time…and as fate usually goes they were wide awake at 7 am to start all over again:blink::rolleyes:


We always do the morning EMH because we can get so much more done. We can get 2-3 rides in on Test Track and have a fastpass for Soarin’ all before 9 am. When we tried evening EMH at Epcot the lines were huge and there were no fastpasses. The only two rides we got in in two hours were Mission Space and Soarin’ and we had to wait 45 minutes to do Soarin.


we have only done the night EMH’s but that’s due to the people I travel with are late risers


[QUOTE=Dawn;868202]:sleeping:I think we may try one morning this trip, probably the MK

DDs are latenighters. Last time they were still going strong at 1am in MK:blink: They were 4 and 5 at the time…and as fate usually goes they were wide awake at 7 am to start all over again:blink::rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

I totally understand the 1am-7am thing. No matter what time my kids go to bed, they are awake every morning at 6:47am!! They are my little alarm clocks- except we forgot to have the snooze button installed!


The only time we were in the parks late night was for last Novembers MVMCP. There never are any late nights when we go :crying: I would prefer late nights.


We went in July and there were groups of people from various countries or states. Groups of over 40 people. So organization is the Key and in the morning getting there when the park opens is good. If one person in your group is not interested in the first activity, that one can go and get fast passes for the next ride. we did a lot of this and actually, we did not wait too much on line. Evenings are crowded for sure one way or the other


You can get a lot more accomplished in the mornings than in the afternoons. However, only select attractions are open for early EMH. The park with the most beneficial early EMH would be Magic Kingdom, who opens both Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Next is Hollywood Studios, then Animal Kingdom, then Epcot.

I especially recommend early EMH for MK and AK. If you hit AK on a day with early EMH, but did not get there in time for the extra hours, it’s going to be packed. (Another bit of advice is avoid the park with EMH if you don’t plan to take advantage.) And, the parks have opening ceremonies that are entertaining. I recommend trying early EMH.


I don’t think its really a fair comparison. While both are EMH, both have unique advantages. Particualrly, they are not usually at the same park and they seem to cater to different folks.

We do both, Morning EMHs are great because we can tour the park for big rides and there is almost no wait. By 11:30 or noon, we are tired and go back for a rest and some pool.

The evening EMHs are more crowded, but so much fun because WDW at night is even more magical. Very much like an evening party/carnival atmosphere. After resting during the busy time of mid-day, we are ready for a whole new experience.

We like both!!


The night EMH at MK was the best! We were getting ice cream near the Dumbo attraction and out popped Mickey and Minnie. They skipped over to ride the Dumbo attraction, just like a WDW post card! The later it got, the less crowded it was. Except for Peter Pan, it was still a long wait!