Emily Osment/Vanessa Hudgens meeting


Well, we braved the crowds at Rockvale Outlets in Lancaster to meet and greet with Emily and Vanessa. It was terrfic. We had VIP vouchers for both days and I am sure glad we did. The tent was right outside our hotel window, people were out there at 6am. I walked out to see if they had VIP passes, but they didn’t so we just kept a close watch and ended up getting in line around 10am. Both days we had about a 3 hour wait, but at 1pm when the line started moving we whipped right through. Vanessa didn’t start on time, it was around 1:18 when she began signing and we were finished by 1:28. You didn’t get much time, but it was still fantastic. All the people were so pleasant. My ds 7 was so excited because Emily and Vanessa spoke to him. Vanessa said,“Here ya go buddy” He was very excited. I thought both ladies were much more beautiful in person. I’m probably not including a lot of information, but I am exhausted from our non-stop weekend. If you have any questions post them and I’ll answer. Thanks to everyone for helping out with information and opinions. I love Mousebuzz people.:wub:


How fun! We were planning on shopping there on Monday, but I figured all the crowds would’ve bought out all the clothes!:eek:


Wow, we were there on Sun. to meet Vanessa (see my mini-TR). I would love to have met you. I’m sorry we didn’t know before hand that others from MB would be there.

Glad you had a good experience too, we found Vanessa to be very nice and very pretty. Your son will remember this for along time.


Do you have pictures?!?