Emperors New School Personality Quiz


My DS emailed this link to me. I thought it was cute. In case anyone is interested in finding out who they are most like, here is the link:
http://psc.disney.go.com/disneychannel/emperorsnewschool/games/quiz/index.html I am most like Kuzco according to the quiz.


Oh jeez… :blush:

I just got slam dunked!

The test says I am most like YZMA!!! :noo: :pinch:


I’m Malina! I don’t even know who she is, but it sounds good!


I am Kuzco…knew it…lol cute quiz!


That’s hysterical…I’m keeping my eye on you for now on :eek: :wink:


YZMA. I beg to differ, Disney Quiz…I beg to differ…


I’m Malina too. (Who the heck is she?)

But isn’t, like, this test, like for like, totally thirteen year olds, like? :wacko:


Like, totally, Llamariffic. Totally.


Wow, I am Malina. Nice.
But, I don’t know who she is either. Could she be Kuzco’s wife? Or is she from the second movie? :duh:


I like totally don’t know what you mean like llama. Doesn’t like everyone totally talk like this? :wink:


Totally :wink:


I got Kuzco…but is that before the movie (evil) or after the movie (nice) ???


I got KRONK!!!


hee hee hee I’m Malina


I wonder if my body parts are gonna sag and wrinkle up like Yzma’s? I really don’t like being compared to YZMA! :angry: I am so insulted! :crying:


Kronk! :biggrin:


I’m like Malina! Has anyone watched the show? It’s actually better than I thought it was going to be!


Woot! I’m Kuzco too! It says that 46% of people that took the test are Kuzco! I guess I’m also a party animal! :pinch:


I got Kronk… :huh:… and it’s pretty dead on. :ninja:


okay Kippage I guess you’re my future husband then :dry: :confused: