"Enchanted" nominated for 3 Oscars


“Enchanted” is nominated for 3 Oscars, all which fall in the category of Best Song: “Happy Working Song”, “So Close”, andn “That’s How You Know.” Best of luck to Alan Menken in hopes of winning an Oscar.


That’s great, loved, loved that movie!


Another of DD’s fave movies-she will be thrilled!


“That’s How You Know.”

Best song of the lot, hands down. Not that there’s a bad song in the lot, but that one’s the pick of the littler.


I agree it was a very good movie and “That’s How You Know” should be the winner.

Prezcatz Paul



That song is amazing…so is the whole movie. :happy:


I’m glad to see this.

The songs, oddly enough, are really what makes a Disney Movie…

And if the song stinks, (aka Hercules) guess what. It ain’t gonna cut it.

The true measuring stick is the straight to video movies. If you want to punish someone, make them listen to those songs… :pinch:


Great news! Me and the DDs LOVED this movie! :heart:


hey 6-2-6 I LOVED the songs in Hercules!!! was I the only one? maybe lol

That is such great news with Enchanted! I looooved that movie SOOO much!
The songs are just genius, way to go Alan Menken!


You’re not the only one…I loved the Hercules songs too. :blush: The movie isn’t one of my faves overall, but I loved the songs for sure!


If “That’s How You Know” doesn’t win an Oscar, nothing will. That whole scene in the park is worth the admission price alone. I hope they do the song, dance on stage for the Oscars. Now I’m huming the song to myself. :slight_smile:


oooooo I hope one of those win I love those songs and that film! Definatly a Disney Classic!


When are the Oscars this year? What with the writers strike and all…


That movie is awesome!


I hope it wins something; it is a wonderful wonderful movie! :wub:


brilliant! I can’t wait until this is released. Am soooooobuying this!


Disneyshopping.com has it set to release 3/18/08 . . . right in time for the Easter Basket! YAHOO! :wub:


Would you consider it OK for a 10 year old. It is rated PG but that leaves a big lee-way anymore.


I would say yes! There are some bathroom jokes . . . nothing too bad . . . and the ending has a big dragon scene . . . but if he/she has watched any of the Disney classics . . . this is them, all rolled up into ONE! :happy:


Sounds good then. I don’t have a big problem with bathroom jokes. It seems to be what everyone thinks is funny.