Enchanted Tiki Room reopening pushed back


Just read that the reopening has been pushed back to August 16.


As long as they get it right I can live with it.
I still hope there is a big redo of the show. If they could bring back the original show it would be great. No matter how much I tried over the years I never warmed up to gilbert Godfried being involved. What were they thinking. The silly thing is I always stopped and went in. The birds were one of the first things I ever saw the first year WDW opened.


Well if it’s been pushed back, there’s a reason. Like the post above, I hope they get it right this time and just bring it back to it’s classic presentation. I won’t go on it regardless as it’s a waste of time, but I know other people enjoyed the old version much more.


I am a huge Tiki Room fan. I’m glad they’re taking their time with the reopening - I bet the birds and flowers and tiki gods will be in great shape when they’re done! I’m torn on which way I think they will go with it: I would prefer a return to the original show, and that would go nicely with the 40th anniversary, but I know they have to keep things current and changing…


Current I can accept. another 10 years of Gilbert Godfried I cannot.


You just don’t like him because you saw that clip of his Cinemax special in the 80’s where he was riffing with a pair of round drink trays and one of his riffs was “Mickey Mouse on acid” (trays up as waving ears "Oh my God! I’m freaking out!)


… Just be open in Early September, That’s all I’m saying !!! :pirate:


Everytime I see a thread about the Tiki Room that song gets stuck in my head…In the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room… It is almost as bad as IASM. I vote for the original as well, although I have seen it 200,000 times in DL (my youngest son would sit there all day and watch if he could).


You’ve gone way, way back to support that theory.:laugh:


Gilbert Gottfried - Planet of the Apes - Video Clip | Comedy Central’s Jokes.com


“You’d get up in the middle of the night and stub your toe and you’d scream out “Fat lady with a hula hoop””.

Basically much of the same stuff until the Planet of the Apes bit, but mine ran in 1986 as part of the now long forgotten “Cinemax Comedy Experiment” which also gave us “Viva Shaf Vegas” staring Paul Shaffer.


Being a tiki-freak, this bums me out… :frowning: It won’t be open in June, waaaaaah.


Maybe they could do an “under EVEN NEWER management” update. I’d like to see what William & Morris could do with the place…


How about Statler and Waldorf, or for a real change, Jay and Silent Bob (Disney owns rights to Clerks through Miramax).


I wonder, if Rio is a hit, would WDW wait to add any of those characters into the Tiki show. Just wondering. It would be a good place to blend new Pixar characters in.
Again, just wondering about the delay.


Doesn’t matter how big of a hit Rio is, it isn’t Pixar and it isn’t Disney.
Distribution is through 20th Century Fox and the studio is Blue Sky Studios who are responsible for the Ice Age movies.
That’s why Fox was pushing it for all it was worth last Sunday during their cartoon block.


Id like a return to the original. New attractions will get people through the gate, but you need some nostalgia inducing ones to bridge generations.