Encore une fois!


Trip number 7946 coming up! Looking forward to the new Buzz Lightyear ride in Disney Studios and to seeing how far progress has got with the all-new ToT. A demain!!


Hello there Towncar T! Have a great trip! I hope you have time for a trip report. Tired of seeing you in invisible mode and would love to hear more from you.:wub: :heart:


What Dana said :pinch:


Hey there stranger. When is your trip?


You only have to travel over here into the DLP thread. You’ll always find me here. Mind you, with the dollar so low these days it must cost you guys a heck of a lot more to come over to this forum!!:laugh: Mind you, at least you’re not paying $9 a gallon for fuel!!:eek:

On our way to France tomorrow. Short stop in and around Paris then off to Normandy for a week.

Dana, I know you can see me in invisible mode. A certain long-necked furry animal that lives in the snow told me. :ph34r:


I know I talk to that long-neck furry snow animal every day…lol Just hate to see you lurking and wish you would come out and play.:heart:


So Dana, what exactly does Towncar T LOOK like when he’s in invisible mode? Is he wearing a cape? Does he sort of float or hover above the ground? Is he completely see-through, or can you sort of see an outline of him?

I will pay big bucks for a complete description… you know, something that can be used against him in the future! :cool:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: you should offer her some of your pineapple concoction. mmmmm I still dream about them :wub:


Oh fine! Pineapple Cookies, it is… how about it, Dana? :laugh:


Hi Towncar good to hear from you-have a great trip- DD is looking for a placement in France (preferably Paris vicinity) and Germany for her year out from Warwick Uni- any advice would be welcome when you have some time xx


Sorry hon…pineapple of any kind is:blow: to me…lol


Awe, we have missed you! I can’t wait to hear about the trip!


Dear Lurker,

What the heck is long-necked and furry?:confused:

Beavers have distinctly SHORT necks (maybe no necks at all). Moose? no…
Elk? maybe…

Anyway, have fun in France, le miserable.

Much love,



I could substitute raspberries… :sleep:


DLRP was excellent as ever, although the experience was somewhat tainted by an unfortuate misunderstanding. Be assured, this is a (mostly) true story.

Waiting for our children to complete their 326th consecutive circuit of Rock and Roller Coaster, I was approached by a middle aged couple, whom, by their demeanour and the thirty six cameras strung around their necks I took to be Chinese.

Now I have always found Chinese people to be fairly direct in their approach, but even I was a little taken aback when they pointed to their park map and the man said

“We need a poo!”

“Pardon?” I asked, a little surprised.

“We need a poo!”

They thrust the map under my nose as if asking me to point to something.

“I think they want the toilet,” I told my wife as she looked on rather puzzled.

“We need a poo!” he repeated, sounding a little desperate.

“I’d better take them,” I told the wife. “It’s only over there.”

“Come this way,” I said, beckoning the couple to follow. They smiled and fell in behind.

The ‘toilettes’ were not too far away, which was just as well because conversation was rather limited. In a minute or so, we were there. I pointed to the rest rooms and smiled. I expected a thank you, a smile or maybe life membership of the Shanghai British Legion Club, but all I got was a pair of matching very puzzled faces.

“We need a poo!” they repeated, almost in unison.

“Yes. In there,” I urged, pointing again at the rest rooms.

“No,” they said. “We need a poo and Tigger.”

The penny dropped. They were looking for Winnie the Pooh!! I mumbled some incomprehensible reply, pointed vaguely in a direction that would take them as far away from me as possible, smiled and slithered back to my wife.

Vive la difference!!


PM me and let me know what sort of stuff you’re after and I’d be glad to help. I remember Warwick Uni quite well and remember beating them at rugby on a regular basis!!:laugh:


Glad you arrived safely home amidst the chaos in England at the moment.

I suspect you are busily constructing your ark right now. And I suspect that the “Poo” story will be written down for posperity some day.:wink:

I am still trying to figure out what is long-necked and furry. I have been looking at every creature I see which is native to the area: Bison, no. Squirrel, no. Geese (long necks, but no fur), polar bear, no (I visited the zoo recently) Any bear, no. Wolverine, no. Fox, no. Wolf, no, 456 species of deer, no, mountain goats (long, curly horns, but rather short necks, ditto mountain sheep) …'tis a puzzlement…


That would be ‘posterity’ dear heart. Not to be confused with posterior, which might be an altogether different poo story!:ohmy:


I think it is called a “Lydia”

Here’s a picture of one:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: