End the Debate


My wife and I had booked a room at the Wilderness Lodge(7 nights). Now since the free meal plan in August we could upgrade to one of the Contemporary wings for just $50 extra. I’m a huge fan of the Contemporary since it was my first resort I ever stayed in and due to the sheer convenience of it to the parks. My wife on the other hand loves the WL, even though she’s never stayed there. I’d like to use the August special to change places but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. What do you think? Please help us end this debate and set our minds at ease. THANKS!!!


I say get her to try something new. Go Contemporary


This is a tough one. I love the WL, but the Contemporary for only $50 more is very tempting! I think I would only do it if I could get a room in the tower though. The WL is really something special.


WL!!! It is so beautiful! The Contemporary just doesn’t appeal to me, but that is just my opinion!


Talk about a win-win! I don’t see how you can lose in this situation. But if forced to pick, if I were in your shoes, I might go with the Contemporary, by a small margin.


The Contemporary for convenience - The Wilderness Lodge for beauty.

Hmmm :huh: Toss a coin.


We have stayed at both. I’m all about convenience, and the Contemporary is so very convenient. And we had a HORRIBLE experience with the transportation at WL - very inconvenient.

I’d be all over the Contemporary!

But the WL is beautiful… So take the ferry over one night and have dinner there! Good compromise, huh!!!


If you wife has her heart set on the “look” of the WL I say stay there. The Contemp - especially the garden wings- does not have any Wow factor.

If she decides to go with convenience and give up looks then change it.


Well… the line about your wife loving it although she’s never been there. To me, that means “Wilderness Lodge = Wife’s Dream Resort”. So I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to change it. :flowers:


LOL! You are expecting the DC crew to END a debate??? I don’t think that’s humanly possible. :tongue:

I say keep the wife happy! You’ll save money and a happy wife makes a happy husband–or a less miserable one. Ducks and runs for cover.


I can’t imagine why you aren’t more popular here on DC Cavey :wink: You can run…but you can’t hide! :tongue:


I’m not popular? :eek:

Runs away and cries.


I’d say stay at the Contemp and go for dinner at the WL to browse around the resort. I’d think she could get a good feel for it that way.

The rooms at WL are small and really not that exciting, while the rooms at the Contemp are huge! And maybe you’ll get into one of the newly remodeled rooms


Oh gosh…I forgot…so soft skined…I’m sorry Cavey. Everyone loves you…you are THE most popular critter here at DC! There…all better? :wink:


But what about the rest of us who need to be validated on a daily basis that WE are the most popular??? :crying:


Ugh…I give up! :pinch:

Psst…Exp 626…of course you are the most popular :wink:


Having stayed at both places, I know exactly what you mean.
I would go with trying a new resort, and the WL is beautiful.
You can still take a boat over to the Contemporary and take the monorail, eat at Chef Mickeys or whatever.

Good Luck!


Wilderness is pretty nice, as is Contemporary. If you can, and it’s not too pricy, I’d try for the Contemporary tower. If you’re talking the garden wings, I’d take the Wilderness and deal with it not being walking distance to the MK and not being on the monorail beam. That’s what I say.


I love the Contemporary for the convenience. I’m thinking of changing to it on our trip. However, if my DH had his heart set on some place, I would give in. Since your DW has really wants to stay at the WL and it is so much more beautiful, that’s what I would pick if I were you. I think your DW will appreciate it. (or maybe I’m saying that because I always want DH to do what I want!).


Wow, lots of gr8 advice but I’m not sure that it really settled the debate-LOL. OK, I’m going with the WL for my wife’s sake. If it were my decision and mine only, I think I would have gone with the Contemporary. The one response that really got me was a “You’ll save money and a happy wife makes a happy husband–or a less miserable one”. So thanks Cavey for the eye opener and I think you’re alright!!!