Energizer batteries and 50th pins!


We got all 5 of the 50th anniversary pins that come with energizer batteries!
Have you guys seen them?

It is an 8 pack of AA batteries and there are 5 different 50th anniversary pins! So we have LOTS of batteries now, but for $4.50 we got 8 batteries in each pack and the Disney pin too!!

I have only found the packs at Home Depot and our local grocery store King Soopers!!


We found them at our Meijer’s. We have all of them too!! :wub: We have enough AA batteries for the entire neighborhood now. There aren’t any more around here, now they have Narnia snowglobes in the packages.


OMG!!! :eek: You are going tomorrow!!! WOOOHOOO for you!!! We are leaving in 9 days!!! Have a great trip!!!


Yeah, I just bought some batteries at Home Depot too… And of course it had pins! :biggrin: And I have lots of batteries already, so I guess I am stocking up for a “rainy day”…

I am a sucker for pins! :tongue:


I’ll have to send DH to our home depot to see if they have them, although sending him there is dangerous-LOL- you never know what he’ll find that he just has to have!


Oh wow – we had to buy them one at a time in 8-packs of batteries! Is it the same set?


I actually bought 50 packs of batteries at shoprite when they were on sale for 1.99 plus I have a ton of $1.00 off coupons…

I dont know if they are the same pins that u are talking about… They have mickey and minnie together, tinkerbelle, peter pan, goofy, and something else I forget…


Oh wow, I’ve never heard of these! I will have to check the store this weekend. Hey, at least you will be prepared for Christmas with all the batteries!


I think it is. Last spring we bought so many sets of batteries to get the free pins I thought we would have batteries for years, however, last weekend as I was wrapping Christmas presents I noticed we were almost out of batteries. YEA!!! I get to look for more Free Disney pins!!!


We found ours a K-mart but we only have three of them. Cinderella, Mickey & Minnie and Goofy :mickey:


wow thanks I will have to run to home depot tomorrow and look for them


i bought a set of double A batteries just to get the pin. we have double A’s but it doesn’t hurt to have more around the house. i’ve only bought the one with tinkerbell on it. i haven’t seen more since then.


We don’t get them here in the UK! Do you think there will be any left in 2 weeks when we arrive?


I ran to Home Depot last night and got all 5 pins. (plus 50 AA batteries!)
They had tons of them, a lot of them stuck behind another display, so be sure to check behind the boxes if you don’t see them.


oooooooh wow! I am going to Home Depot ASAP! (too bad I have no money) lol, I’ll have to borrow some…
oh mommmmy???


Our home depot didn’t have them! They had lots of batteries, but none of the special packs with pins on. NO FAIR! Has anyone seen them anywhere else? Last year we got them at Kmart.


I just got a pack yesterday at home depot. The one I got was of disneyland castle, tinkerbell in the upper corner. “disneyland resort, happiest celebration on earth” The only other one they had was of tinkerbell… I think I’ll have to search another home depot soon.


Still no luck in finding these. I even looked online.


Yes, I have been able to get two sets. My DD used the one set to trade with in october and we collected a second set to give to her friend along with a lanyard so she can trade when we go on vacation in October.


I did get some a while back, but I did want to collect some more.