Enough to drive me crazy--long rant


This morning I tried to book the night of Dec 8 2014 at BLT with the last of my BLT points. It wasn’t available to I booked several nights at SSR and made a wait list. But I wasn’t sure how they would fill the waitlist if it became available. I used “chat” with MS. I can’t believe how awful this person was. By the way, the SSR points aren’t banked points as he mentioned.

[I]Kevin: Welcome Home! How may I assist you today?

Joanne: How do I set up a waitlist for one night at the 11 month window. I made a reservation at SSR to ensure I have a room, but if the night at BLT comes up, will they just take the points from the BLT contract?

Kevin: Thank you Joanne. Would the waitlist be for Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort or Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

Kevin: And which night we’re you looking to waitlist?

Joanne: I want the room at BLT

Joanne: but if it opens up in the next 4 months I need to use BLT points for it.

Kevin: I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.

Joanne: I have a room at BLT from Dec 1 to Dec 8 2014, I want to add another night. It’s not available so I booked several nights at SSR.

Kevin: Ok, I do see you have a waitlist right now for the night of December 8.

Joanne: yes, but will they fill it using BLT points or say they can’t fill it because I have a room at SSR?

Kevin: I will be right with you.

Kevin: If the waitlist matches in the home resort priority period, we would only be able to use Vacation Points from your Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort contract.

Kevin: After reviewing your Membership, you won’t have enough Vacation Points in your Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort contract for us to book that night if it matches.

Kevin: We wouldn’t be able to use your Vacation Points from your Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort contract if it matches in the 11 to 8 month period.

Joanne: I thought I had just enough points.

Kevin: In your current December 2013 Use Year you have just 4 Vacation Points in the Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort contract. In the upcoming December 2014 Use Year, you have 14 banked Vacation Points in your Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort contract, but those can’t be borrowed back.

Joanne: This is for dec 2014…its a new use year right?

Kevin: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

Kevin: Yes, I’m sorry, you could borrow all 100 Vacation Points from your December 2015 Use Year. We would need your authorization however to borrow from the Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort should the waitlist match during the home resort priority period.

Joanne: right now I’m in my 2013 use yr…dec 2013 to nov 2014…I banked 14 points INTO my dec 2014 to nov 2015 use yr.

Kevin: Yes, you have 14 banked Vacation Points in your upcoming December 2014 Use Year.

Joanne: This is for reservation is for dec 2014

Joanne: Then why can’t I use them to wait list dec 8 2014 at BLT.

Kevin: If the waitlist matches, you can. If the night exceeds the 14 Vacation Points, we would have to borrow from the December 2014 Use Year. As long as the night of December 8 doesn’t use more than 14 Vacation Points, then borrowing won’t be necessary.

Kevin: I apologize any confusion.

Kevin: …from the December 2015 Use Year…

Joanne: So once again, right now I have a room at SSR, if the waitlist opens, will they fill it and use the points at BLT.

Joanne: I don’t want to lose the waitlist because they say they can’t use SSR points.

Kevin: It’ll depend on when the waitlist matches because the reservation at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort is using banked Vacation Points as well.

Joanne: I’m sorry I need to go. You were not helpful at all.

Joanne: bye[/I]


Oy. Definitely try again. It seemed like he both didn’t understand, and really wasn’t trying to. I hate when I get that attitude going in, as if the CM has decided before you’ve even started talking that YOU don’t understand the situation you’re presenting.


Jo-jo—what mess… I know nothing about DVC…but if it were me, I would call this time…and try again…perhaps you can get your question across by phone better???

I hope the answer is what you are looking for…good luck…


Instead of calling, I would pre-type out the problem, making every point in numerical order, and then post it as a conversation. Only because that way you can’t get interrupted before they understand the entirety of what you want!


I’m thinking maybe he was new and getting himself confused. These use years definitely can get one turned around sometimes. I would give him the benefit of the doubt and just call back and speak with someone else. In fact, have them check availability of Dec 8th while you are on the phone with them. I’ve gotten a couple of dates by checking, even though I was on a waitlist. Not sure how the whole system works but sometimes the dates are avaialble before they place them against your waitlist.


It seems to call MS is taking a lot more time these days, so I was trying to avoid that. But I will end up calling. It just drove me crazy that over and over it was the wrong info.


Ugh, that is so frustrating. I am sorry he was not more helpful!


Wow. That’s all. Wow.


I understood him completely.

not really, just being me …


December use year is sometimes very confusing,I have it and it drives me crazy you see we are in 2014 but for the next 11 months I will be in 2013,…that being said the wait since the first of year to get thru is longer than usual…we just made Oct reservations for food and wine on the back side of a cruise and I needed some info so I had to call and the wait was fairly long compared to in the past…what I have found about DEC reservations there are a lot of bookings and cancelations openings happen<I have never wait listed but if you can fiind out where you are on the list that will help in the planning…