Entertainment Book Universal Meal/Movie Coupon


Does anyone have any extra Meal and Movie coupons for Universal Orlando that they won’t be using? I would be happy to send a SASE to anyone that would be willing to let our family use theirs for our upcoming trip. Thanks in advance to anyone that would be willing to help us out. :flowers:


I will more than happy to send you one. No need for a SASE just PM me your address. Enjoy.


Thank you!!! I just Pmed you with my address. I knew I could count on my friends here at DC to help me out. :flowers:


I’m dropping it in the mail in a few minutes. Have fun.


Pooh - I just remembered, I think that the Ent. Coupon year starts from Nov 1st. You’ll be there at Christmas time, right?

Check the expiration date. I will have my new book before you go and will see if there are any more Movie & Meal coupons. If so, you’re welcom to them - just remind me. My guess is there won’t be, because of all the issues they had with not wanting to honor them this year.

BTW - I saw a thread on the other board we frequent about someone requeting them on Craigslist.com and getting 5 of them. Check it out.


Thanks Maggie. I must have missed the Craigslist.com thing. Yes, we will be there at Christmas. I hope they don’t do away with them. I will definitely hit you up for yours later on as it gets closer. I am hoping to be able to eat a couple of meals using the coupon this trip. I called today to verify my reservation because I had a funny feeling about it. They raised my rate by $100 a night. I have an email from the HRH that says my rate for the Kids Stay Play and Eat Free was $276 a night. When I called today, they told me that is was $276 a night the first night, but then they were raising it to $376 a night. I am planning on bringing the email showing my confirmation for all 5 nights at $276 a night and trying to get it straitened out. I wasn’t getting anywhere with the lady I spoke with on the phone and supposedly her manager told her she was right. If not, I guess we will be stuck forking out an extra $400 total for our hotel stay–which means we need to save some money on other things such as meals.


You are awesome. Thank you very much!


Pooh - one thing I have learned - ask to speak to the manager yourself personally. You should be able to starighten this up before your trip (I wouldn’t want to have it hanging over my head until I arrived). Call back and speak to a manager - then get their e-mail address and forward the e-mail confirmation you got.

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks. I will try to get that done next week. It may have to wait until the following week though because we are closing on our new house on the 14th and I need to get packing. Plus, I have a week long teacher inservice all next week from 7:30-5:00. Perfect timing. Ha Ha. I got so frustrated yesterday when she kept telling what a good deal I was getting since the rate is now $455 a night for the room that I have–Deluxe. As if that would make them raising my rate 100 a night ok. I will let you now how it turns out though.


I think I have officially threadjacked my own thread…


I just want to thank Daydreamer for sending me a meal and movie certificate from Universal. I got it in the mail today. You are so kind. If anyone else has any extras, I would be happy to take them off your hands. I am hoping to have enough to eat out and see a movie for free for the whole family.


No problem, glad to help. Enjoy